Chapter Eighteen: Panics, Softies and Rapists

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Chapter Eighteen: Panics, Softies and Rapists

Gavin suddenly stopped causing me to run into his muscular back. “Ow?” I muttered, rubbing my nose. He turned around to face me rolling his eyes at what is probably my clumsiness.

“Man up, or in your case nerd up.” He muttered, turning around and continued walking.

“Rude, much?” I muttered, and jogged up after him so I wouldn’t fall behind. “You didn’t answer my question,” I told him, my eyebrows rose in curiosity.

“What question?”

I rolled my eyes, “Why did you look so panicked when I poked you in the theatre? And why did you almost break of my finger?” I asked, questioningly.

“That’s two questions, I believed you said one.” Gavin stated, a smirk on his face.

I let out a groan, “God dammit answer the question you nimrod!” I said, exasperated.

“Fine,” He grunted out. I heard him mumble something under his breath but I didn’t quite catch it. “I didn’t look panicked, I don’t know what you saw but it was definitely not panicking. I don’t get panicked.”

I knitted my eyebrows in confusion, the nimrod wasn’t making any sense. Everyone panics, it’s called being human. “Um, yeah you did.”

“Well even if I did it doesn’t concern you.” He spat, picking up his pace.

I let out a sigh, “Why are you like this?” I asked him, jogging up to him.

“Like what?”

“Like this; you can be an annoying nimrod and manwhore at one point then at another point you could be this conceited jerk that is like the devil spawn himself.” I told him truthfully.

Gavin then stopped, whirling around to face me his eyes filled with fury. “Well I am sorry that I am not perfect, I am sorry that the only person I actually love is my little brother, I am sorry that when I wake up I feel tense and panicked, I am fucking sorry Ali that I can never do anything right.” He spat.

It looks like I hit a sore spot…

My brown eye bored into Gavin’s. “I am not asking for your life story Gavin, all I wanted was some answers.” I said, jokingly trying to ease the awkward atmosphere.

His stiff shoulders, suddenly began to relax. “Not funny.” He said, turning back around to continue walking.

I sighed dropping the subject as I followed him to wherever he was going, I didn’t want the risk of him going crazy on my ass again. I wrapped my sweater around me tighter, the wind was beginning to pick up and I was really starting to regret not bringing an extra coat or any coat for that matter. But how was I supposed to know that he was going to bring me to the middle of nowhere?

It was quiet for a few minutes the only sounds of our feet as it hit the pavement, “You cold?” Gavin suddenly asked, all thoughts of him yelling at me a few minutes ago disappearing. He lifted his hood from his face so I could see his eyes clearer.

I nodded my head slightly, “Um, y-yeah.” I said stammering slightly.

“Well there’s a gas station up ahead, we should be there in about twenty minutes so make the most of it until we get there.” He said his head turning around to face straight ahead.

My jaw dropped, I actually thought he was going to give me his coat like a good gentleman. But, no the boy says just hang tight we will be there soon.

Well it is Gavin, what do you expect?

I expected actually a kind gentlemen but that was all thrown out the window the day Gavin opened up his mouth. Like honestly if you are going to ask a girl if you are cold, she expects you to give you her your sweater or even try to warm her up in anyway. It honestly makes me wonder what girls see in him. Yes, he is a bad boy. Yes, he is good looking but that is basically it.

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