Chapter Forty-Eight: Loneliness is a Lonely Feeling

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Chapter Forty-Eight: Loneliness is a Lonely Feeling

“I didn’t lie to you.”

“Really?” Gavin questioned, he looked really hurt. “So, when I was telling you everything about my parents. It never crossed your mind that I was spilling out all my secrets to you, but you didn’t even bother trusting me?”

“Okay, so I didn’t trust you. But, I didn’t lie to you.”

“Ali!” Gavin yelled, his hands gripping the cell bars tightly. “Oh, wait that isn’t even your real name?” Gavin laughed, but it sounded forced. “Was Tommy even really your brother?”

I looked down at my hands. “He is my brother, but his real name is Thomas.”

“You’re pathetic.” Gavin spat at me, his eyes raged.

“Gavin…” I called out, walking over to him.

He shook his head, looking at the ceiling. “I can’t believe I did this for a bet.”

I gulped, stopping in my tracks. “A what?”

“A bet, Ali! It was a bet to get with you in my bed before the end of the year and I lost. And I have never been so happy in my damn life that I lost a bet because all you are is a desperate pathetic loser, who doesn’t give a fucking damn about anyone else but herself.” Gavin yelled, out. His eyes looking at nothing but my teary ones, “At first I did this whole thing. Getting to know you, because I wanted to win. But, then I began to really know you. I fell for you harder than I have ever fell for someone in my entire life. But, little did I know while I was falling for you, all you were doing was playing with my already broken heart.”

I choked out a sob. “I might have lied to you. But, at least I didn’t try to get to know someone to fuck them.”

“Alice.” My dad called out, in a warning tone. He looked at me with sad eyes, “I think it is best if we just go. Leave this deranged boy to himself.” He said, looking at Gavin in disgust.

I turned around, shaking my head. “I have to do this dad or else I might not ever have the chance.”

I turned back to Gavin taking a few steps towards him. “Even before I came to this school. I heard things about you, bad things. People told me to stay away from you, not to engage with you. But, I was so stupid I didn’t listen. I saw the good in you while others saw the bad.” I shook my head, “I saw so many good and remarkable things in you, which hardly anyone ever gets to see. Believe it or not, it touched me. How you could practically raise Garrett on your own, showing him all the good still left in the world and shielding him from the bad. I fell for that Gavin, not the one standing here and accusing me, not even bothering to let me explain.”

He raised his eyebrows at me, “Explain? Explain what, Alice?” He said, spitting out my name like it was poison in his mouth.

“Explain myself, explain why I did this all.” I pleaded.

He shook his head, taking steps away from the cell. “Well, there is a difference now because I don’t want to hear it.”

I took a few steps towards his cell, but my father’s arm pulled me back. “It’s time to go, Alice.” He said, in a strict tone.

I looked back at Gavin one last time, letting out a forced laugh as I finally realized something. “Weren’t you the one, who told me that you weren’t going to pressure me into telling you my big secret? Well, you didn’t. So why are you pressuring me now?” Gavin looked kind of shocked for words.

“Do you really think I meant that? Of course I didn’t, I wanted you to tell me but I also wanted to fuck you. So whatever, it doesn’t really matter anymore.”

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