Chapter Thirty-Seven: Realizing the Truth

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Chapter Thirty-Seven: Realizing the Truth

“W-what is it?” I asked, hesitantly as I approached my brother’s computer.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” Thomas said, motioning for me to come closer.

I walked to his computer, as I read the article that was displayed on the screen. “What’s this article about?” I asked, Thomas turning my head from the screen to look at Thomas.

“Maybe, you should just read it for yourself,” My mom suggested.

I nodded my head, turning my attention back onto the computer screen.

Mother of two Commits Suicide days after giving Birth

A young mother has committed suicide by driving into a beam pole, just after 7:30 p.m. just days after she gave birth to a baby boy. Washington D.C Authorities say, that the mother Millie Storm, 30, has been unhappy or depressed with her life causing her to commit suicide leaving behind a thirteen year old boy and a new baby boy. The boy was born prematurely and is now in Intensive Care, there is no word from the family as Officers search deeper into this investigation.

My jaw dropped open as I felt tears prickling the corners of my eyes. There was a lot more to the article, but I didn’t want to read on. I would much rather hear it from Gavin himself than an article that might have not got all its facts right and I speak from experience.

“Why’d you stop?” I heard Thomas ask, breaking me from my trance.

“Because, it doesn’t feel right.” I said, softly.

“You would much rather ask the boy himself, won’t you?” My mom asked.

I nodded my head, “How did you know?”

“You were mumbling your thoughts aloud,” She stated.

I rolled my eyes, “Of course I was.”

“Do you want to see a picture of his mom?” Thomas asked.

I shook my head. “Thanks but no thanks. I would much rather hear the story and listen to Gavin as he explains his story, rather than my younger brother who is a creep.” I stated, “Gathering his information from the internet.”

“What else is the internet for? All people really do now a days is creep on others and ask google for every possible answer. What else do you think I do with my time?”

I looked back at my mother waiting for her to reply to what Thomas had just said. But, instead of paying attention to Thomas and realizing the way his brain works-differently.

She was staring at me. “What?”

“You really like the boy, enough to be patient and wait for him rather than have your brother spill all the details.” My mother stated.

I shrugged my shoulders in return, “So what if I do?”

“Then, I trust you and this boy.”

“You already trusted me with him, you basically handed me off. Might as well sign me off to him now, mother.” I said sarcastically.

My mother rolled her eyes, “My job is done.” She said, getting up from her seat and walking outside towards the door. A few seconds later we heard her shout, “Whose food is this in the hall?”

“Shit…” I muttered, under my breath.


The next day I found myself slouching in my seat as Ms. Angel explained to us the female and male human body. We were doing a unit on Health and let me say, there was things I never knew, that I know now, enough to make me sick.

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