Chapter Six: New friends, Enemies and Thoughts

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Chapter Six: New Friends, Enemies and Thoughts

By now, Ben's car was long gone. I just stood out in the cold wondering what he wanted to ask me. A few seconds I felt someone's hand on my shoulder, I turned my head to the side and saw it was a guard. "I think it's time to go in now Miss Alice." He spoke in a soft tone.

I reluctantly nodded looking back once more where Ben's car was moments ago, I sighed turning back and following the guard inside the house.

I turned to the guard who brought me inside, "Where's my father?"

He gave me a small smile, "He's in his office."

I whispered small thanks and made my way towards the oval office. I turned down the hall way and saw that they were two more guards standing outside my father's door.

I sighed walking up to the door when one of the two guards stopped me, "You can't go I there Miss." He said looking down upon me.

"Why is that?" I asked annoyed.

"Your father is in a meeting right now." The other guard spoke.

I stepped away from the two guards and placed my hands on my hips trying to look intimidating, when that did not work. I stared at the guards who were now standing in front of the door blocking my access to go inside. I sighed, "Can't I just go ask him something and I promise I'll be on my merry way."

The guards looked at each other than back at me and shook their heads in unison. I ran my fingers through my brown hair desperate time's call for desperate measures. "Well then I'll just go but for the record there's someone down the hall touching the priceless furniture." I whispered.

They both looked at each other and in seconds, they both took off down the hallway. "Suckers," I muttered laughing.

I opened the door to the office and my dad's back was facing me but what caught my eye was the person on the screen of my father's laptop. My father must have noticed the person's gaze on the screen was directed behind him because when he turned he looked surprised.

"Alice? What are you doing here?" My father said in a hard tone. However, I knew that was not what he meant he really wanted to say was 'Alice I am on a business call who in the world allowed you in here?'

I smiled politely at my father. "I am sorry but I wanted to ask you a quick question but I can see you're busy at the moment so I'll come back later."

The person on the screen eyes were darting back and forth from my father and I. My dad noticed my attention was somewhere else because he spoke up. "Alice this is the Prime Minister of China."

My eyes widened in embarrassment. I then bowed to the screen and spoke in Chinese a quick apology and hello, and then directed my attention back to my dad.

"We will talk about this later." He said in a strict tone.

I sighed nevertheless nodded. I headed to the door when two frazzled security guards burst through, "We are so sorry Mr. President we don't know how she even got in here"

"But, we will find the two idiot guards who allowed her in and report back to you immediately." Added the other guard.

"Can you please all just leave I am on an important meeting at the moment." My father said through his gritted teeth.

"Right away Sir, our sincerest apologies."

I snorted, "Kiss ups."

They both glared at me grabbing one of my arms and hauling me out the door. When they closed the door they both turned to me an angry expression evident on both of their faces.

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