Chapter Twenty- Seven: Tell me a Story

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Chapter Twenty- Seven: Tell me a Story

“I have gathered you both here today-“ My mom began speaking, not long before Thomas had interrupted her.

“What are we? At a funeral?” Thomas interjected.

I turned my head to face Thomas, who was seated beside me at the breakfast table. I gave him a confused look, however did not comment. I looked back at my mother who was giving Thomas the same look, she just carried on speaking.

“Anyways, your father wanted me to talk to you both about the trip that we are taking to Europe over the Spring Break, we will be visiting Netherlands, Belgium and Italy for the week and I expect you both to be on your best behavior.” My mother said in a strict tone, she then looked at Thomas giving him a look.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Remember the last time? Our trip to China?” I asked him.

“To be fair, I was nine and a little immature. You can’t blame me. The jug that the tour guide let us hold, was slippery! How was I supposed to know that it Ancient Chinese Warriors drank from the exact same jug? I was doing them a favor by dropping it, do you know how old that jug must be?”

I let out a snort, “Yeah, centuries old.”

“Well let’s just try to make sure that something like that doesn’t happen again? And let’s just make sure for the sake of everyone that we don’t give Thomas a priceless artifact to hold.” My mom spoke interrupting our bickering.

“Fair enough.” I said.

“So if we are done here, can I go?” Thomas asked.

My mom gave my brother a glare, waving her hands. “You have permission, just remember to start packing.”

Thomas nodded getting up from his seat, and walking out of the breakfast room. “You think he will really go and start packing?” I asked my mom.

“I want to say yes, but we all know that’s not true.”

I chuckled, “Well I am going to get going, I am pretty sure that Ben is outside waiting to take me to school.”

“Okay, but when you get back from school I want you to start packing. Do I make myself clear?” She asked giving me the same look she gave Thomas earlier.

I rolled my eyes, “Yes mom.”

“Have a great day. Love you!”

I smiled, walking out of the breakfast room. “Love you too!”


“God dammit,” Gavin hissed at me. “That was the sixth time you stepped on me! Now you are just doing it for fun.”

“You know after the fourth time I thought you would catch on by now,” I said to him, in a mocking tone.

“You know what I don’t have to take this,” Gavin said getting up from the floor, where he was previously- clutching his foot.

“You are not leaving are you?” No matter how many times I stepped on him, I didn’t think I would cause him to leave. Sarah wasn’t here and we were even more dysfunctional than before.

“I am not leaving, last time I ditched the bald eagle also known as our principal Mr. Adams caught me, and warned me if I skipped again I would be getting a suspension.”

“And you care because…?” I asked him, I didn’t really think that he would care since he was known to be as what we would call a ‘bad boy.’

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