Chapter Fifty: Shopping with Menstrual Cycles

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Chapter Fifty: Shopping with Menstrual Cycles

“So how long will you be gone for?” Thomas asked, my parents as they shrugged on a light coat.

“A week at the most, we will be back next Sunday and I expect nothing to be broken.” She said, looking at Thomas. I stifled a laugh, but she soon turned to me with a glare. “And no one in this house making world headlines or trending on twitter.”

Thomas let out a snort, “You were trending for two days, with the hashtag ‘Alice gets arrested.’”

I rolled my eyes, “At least people know me.”

“Not in a good way.”

“Look, just listen to Melinda and Robert and nothing will go wrong.” My mother, said trying to assure herself rather than us.

“You are not allowed to leave the house under any circumstances. You got me kids?” My father said, looking at me in particular.

I just shrugged, it was like I was in lock down. The last day I left the house was Friday and that was only to clear out my locker from school.

“What if there is an emergency?” Thomas asked, suddenly.

“Like what?” My father asked, Thomas narrowing his eyes.

“Like someone might have possibly hacked into some confidential records and the FBI is tracking the hacker as we speak?” Thomas mumbled, looking down at his shoes to avoid eye contact.

I widened my eyes, as my mother let out a shriek. “You did what? Thomas Justine Montclair, what on earth did you do?”

My brother let out a groan, as he tilted his head back. “You honestly couldn’t have given me a boy’s middle name?”

I stifled my laugh, as I looked away knowing if I made eye contact with Thomas I was going to burst out laughing.

“Your mother and I were expecting another girl. And your mother really loved the name Justine.” My father explained, trying to explain the rationale of picking Thomas’ middle name.

He nodded his head, “Because that makes so much sense.”

“I will be calling Ricky when I am on the plane to let him know that all of your electronics including your computer is confiscated while we are gone. We will be having a serious chat about this hacking business you have going on because frankly it is unacceptable.” My father told Thomas in a strict tone.

I let out a few chuckles, “What is unacceptable is that a ten year old can hack into confidential records and that doesn’t scare you guys at all? Knowing that if he could do it, then anyone can.”

“There is no way he could get into them without leaving a trace.” My father said.

I shrugged, as my mother came around to give Thomas both and I hugs and a kiss on the cheeks. “Be good.” She said, to the both of us.

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