Chapter Forty-Six: Resisting You

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Chapter Forty-Six: Resisting You

“You’re gonna miss me by my hair, you’re gonna miss me everywhere, you’re gonna miss me when I am gone… When-"

I scratched my head as I listened carefully to the words that had just played before Gavin shut of the radio. It was kind of a coincidence this certain song played.

I quickly glanced at Gavin from the corner of my eye as he just stared at the endless road ahead of him. No talking or nothing, just focusing on the road.

“So where are we heading?” I asked, turning to face him.

“The beach. It is five minutes away from here and it’s a place that is really close to my heart.”

I nodded my head. I was glad that Gavin was now beginning to open up to me, maybe this relationship or whatever we were was going somewhere and maybe it was time for me to start opening up to him and tell him who I really am… You know before it is too late.

“Gavin…?” I whispered, softly.

He turned his head to look at me as the car approached a red light. “Yeah?”

“Why did you decide to open up to me?”

He looked at me with a hard expression, “Because I trust you.”

I swallowed the spit that was indulged in my throat. It wasn’t the answer I was expecting nor was it something I wanted to hear. “Oh.”

“Do you trust me?”

I nodded my head, “Of course.” But, I think we both knew I was lying judging by the skeptical look he was giving me.

“Then if you really trust me you would tell me what is going on in that head of yours. Because if you haven’t realized I am no mind reader.” He said, drawing his attention back onto the road and pressing on the gas.

“But, it’s something big and I honestly do not know how you are going to take it.”

“My secret was pretty big too. My mother committed suicide, I am sorry but that isn’t something you normally bring up in a conversation.”

I breathed in deeply. “But, it’s going to change things.”

He shrugged his shoulders, “It might. But it can also make us stronger.” He said, glancing at me briefly. “So Ali, will you please tell me what is bugging you?”

I looked down at my lap. It was now or never and I slightly starting to lean towards the never side of things.

The car approached a stop when I looked up to see the beach in front of us.

“I know I am kind of pressuring you to tell me. But, tell me when you are ready. You didn’t pressure me and I would sure like to do the same to you.” He spoke, completely changing his mind.

I smiled, as I leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. I knew it was hard for him to tell me something he really wanted to know. But, when I was ready to tell him I have been lying to him the whole time about who I was. I will… and hopefully the outcome wouldn’t be so bad.

“Ready to hit the beach?” He asked, changing the topic.

I nodded my head, opening the side door and stepping out.

My eyes scanned the beach as I watched a few people here and there. I knew it wouldn’t be so busy because it was a school day and the only people who would be here is the older generation.

Gavin came around to join me with a picnic basket in hand. “Let’s go, nerd.” He said, beginning to walk towards the open sand as I followed in close pursuit behind him.

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