Chapter One: A Taste Of Freedom

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Chapter One: A Taste of Freedom

"Puh-lease. Taylor Lautner is so much hotter than Channing Tatum any day," Said my best and really only friend Holly.

I rose my eyebrows in disbelief, "Do you even hear yourself right now?" I said letting out a snort.

"Whatever," She said grumbling to herself about marrying Taylor Lautner one day.

Yeah that dream was going to come true…

We were currently in my room watching The Vow. Call us girly girls, but this was one of my favorite movies ever made. We were tearing up one minute then arguing the next, but that is how we both were, like a pregnant lady on her mood swings.

When the credits started rolling in, I was too consumed in my thoughts until I heard Holly getting up from the floor.

"Where you going?" I asked confusion, evident in my voice.

"Home. I have school tomorrow and trust me I am not looking forward to it." She said putting an emphasis on the not.

"Well at least you are able to go to school!" I exclaimed a little pissed off that she doesn’t like school. "Half the time I am not able to leave this house and if I do leave I have to go with a body guard.” I grumbled crossing my arms over my chest and snuggling back into my blankets.

Holly's expression softened, as she looked at me with pity. Confused? Well let me start from the beginning.

My name is Alice Montclair and my father is the man who runs the country. Yep, that's right folks my dad is The President of the United States. Seven years ago, my dad came home grumbling about work. I was only ten years old but I remember the day very well, how could I forget it was the day my whole life was turned upside down.


"Dad!" I yelled running into my dad's awaiting arms as he walked through the front door. 

He kissed the top of my head. "How was your day, pumpkin?" He asked as I began to ramble about my day. 

I was only ten years old but I was smart enough to know something was off about him. "That's great honey." He said paying no attention. Putting me down and walking into the kitchen where my mother was trying to set up for dinner while trying to calm a wailing Thomas.

My dad set down his briefcase and grabbing Thomas out of my mothers' arms.

"So how was your day?" She asked my dad.

"Terrible," He said, going off about today’s generation and everything that is wrong with the world. “Like if I was President, maybe things would be different and I would pay attention to the little things that matter.”

She sighed holding a now calm Thomas. "Well how about you do something about it, Evan." My mom spoke.

"Maybe I will, elections are coming up and maybe I can run."

"Run for what daddy? A marathon?" I asked, jokingly. 

"Run for President of course." He said proudly. "After all, after this term the President will be stepping down as the Party Leader and I believe I can win." I looked at my father confused, why would he want to run for President? He had a seat in the Democartic Party of the United States, wasn't that enough? 

I was interrupted from my thoughts, when I saw water being sprayed across the table, with my mother's jaw hanging open, as she coughed repeatedly spitting out water, causing Thomas to start howling once again.

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