Chapter Eight: Paint-balling?

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Chapter Nine: Paint-balling?

"But that's alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie." Sarah sang finishing the last line of the song. We were currently practicing for the talent show, which was tomorrow, and Sarah was beyond nervous. “So how did I do?” She asked twiddling with her fingers.

I smiled giving her a hug, “You did great.” I said squeezing her for reassurance. 

“Really?” She asked unsure.

I nodded my head. “Really, and I know you will kick that bitch Ashley to the curb.” I told her honestly, “Come on, lunch ends in ten minutes.”  I said grabbing her hand and dragging her out of the music room.  Mr. Crow the music teacher let us use the room for Sarah to practice. He was also the teacher who is organizes the talent show every year and let me tell you he was beyond surprised when we asked if Sarah could rehearse in here or even the fact that Sarah signed up for the show.

We were walking down the hallway when a couple of girls ran in between us ramming their shoulders into ours causing me to stumble. Once I regained my balance I saw as the girls were running towards the crowd of girls holding hearts and some valentine stuff in their hands.

I looked over at Sarah who had a horrified expression on her face. “What’s going on over there?” I asked, curious.

“You don’t see who everyone’s crowding around?” She asked amused.

I shook my head, “Who are they crowding around?”  I asked suspiciously trying to see over the girl’s heads.

She smirked crossing her arms over her chest. “Take a guess, who is the most popular guy in the school, a well-known bad boy, who liked to annoy a certain brunette.”

“Well I don’t know who the girl is.” I said sarcastically. “However, I do happen to know that the guy is Gavin.”  I said watching as the girls tried to fight for Gavin’s attention. “Why are they fighting for the attention of the manwhore?”

I heard a chuckle escape Sarah’s mouth. “Every year on Valentine’s Day Gavin accepts a rose, card or even a box of chocolate and whoever’s gift he likes best he takes them out on a date.”

I snorted, “That’s a little shallow don’t you think?”

She shook her head, “Nothing’s to shallow for Gavin.”

I chuckled at the chaos of desperate girl’s fighting to give Gavin their valentines.  I turned my head feeling someone’s gaze on me, my eyes searched the crowd and came in contact with a smirking Gavin, which seemed to be his trademark.

I raised an eyebrow at him gesturing at the girl’s around him. He grinned at me looking like someone who won the lottery ticket.

We must’ve been staring at each other for a while because I when I turned my head to ask Sarah a question she was gone. I sighed rolling my eyes making a mental note to corner her later for leaving me. I glanced at Gavin one last time before making a quick stop at my locker then heading to Algebra class.

It was the one class I had with Ben and after that whole ‘do you want to ask me out?’ It was more awkward as usual. They were some points in the car ride when it was an uncomfortable silence and neither one of us dared to speak.

I entered class one minute before the bell rang, I thought about going to sit next to Ben when I saw he was already sitting beside a girl who had really curly red hair and big glasses covering her small face. I shrugged taking a seat in the front of the class.

An hour and fifteen minutes later the bell rung for last period, which was gym and for the people who had no athletic ability at all it was the worst class and it was even worse if you had Miss Angel as teacher and let me tell you, she was the complete opposite of her name.

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