Chapter Forty-Two: Connecting the Dots

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Chapter Forty-Two: Connecting the Dots

“You made us wait all day, now you better spill about your date or I am just going to ask Gavin himself.” Holly said, taking a seat.

“Why does it matter how the date went? I had fun, Thomas had fun. Nothing else needs to be said.” I told her honestly, unscrewing the cap of my water bottle.

“Because Holly and I helped you get the date in the first place. The least you can do is tell us about it.” Sarah argued, “Like if I went on a date with Andy I would have told you.”

I rose my eyebrows to that, “Did you go on a date with Andy?” I questioned.

“T-this isn’t about me. It is about you,” She said, stuttering.

My jaw dropped open as I looked at Sarah with wide eyes. “Oh my God, you went on a date with Andy? And you didn’t even bother to tell us?”

“This isn’t about me!” Sarah argued.

“It is now,” Holly stated. “When were you going to tell us, you and Andy were a thing?”

Sarah let out a groan, tangling her fingers through her red hair, pulling at it. “We aren’t a thing and even if we were I would have told you.”

“Just like how you told us he asked you on a date?” I said, my voice laced in amusement.

“How about this, you tell us about your date with Gavin and I will do the same.” Sarah said, purposing a fair enough agreement.

I nodded my head, “That seems fair.”

“So are you going to tell us? Or are you going to keep stalling because lunch is almost over.”

I rolled my eyes at Holly then launched into my date with Gavin. I started right from the beginning to where I made the first move and kissed him- on the cheek, obviously. Which the girls groaned about… Then to the winning of the snake for Garrett to the end of the date where he gave me a goodnight’s kiss, but expected a little bit more.

I went into detail about the date, but I didn’t tell them about how I wished that I kissed him on the lips instead of the cheek. But, I wanted my first kiss with him to be special and even if I had to wait for it, I would. For the special moment with the idiot.

“That is honestly, one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard.” Holly said, sighing.

I rolled my eyes, “Well I am glad you think so.”

Sarah opened her mouth to say something, but her brown eyes directed their attention to the top of my head. I slowly turned around to see Gavin walking this way.

I wrinkled my eyebrows in confusion, he would usually sit with Ashley and them. Why was he coming this way?

My head snapped back to face the girls, “Why is he coming this way?” I blurted out, voicing my thoughts.

Holly scratched her head, looking at me in confusion. “To sit with you?” She said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I was about to say something else when Gavin’s presence interrupted me. “Hey, Nerd.” He said, plopping his lunch down on the table and taking a seat next to me.

I turned my head, rolling my eyes. I thought we were done with that name, “Hey Rainbow.”

He let out an amused chuckle, bringing his chair close to mine. “So…?” He said, as if he was trying to hint something at me.

“So…?” I mimicked back.

“How was your day?” He asked, trying to make small talk.

I gave a sarcastic smile, “Pretty good, until you showed up.”

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