Thank You's/Questions

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Thank You's/Questions (If I was you, I would read this. Simply because you're awesome)

Hello Lovelies,

To be honest, I never in a million years thought my book would get where it is now. Before having this account I had another one. I had three books and in total it had 37 votes. Not a lot. But, I didn't give up. A year later, I decided to do something different. And that is where the idea came to do The President's Daughter.

A lot of you guys message me wondering what sparked the idea. And honestly, it was watching TV. I was thinking about how my life would be if I wasn't who I was. A mischievous delinquent teenager going to school and causing chaos in whatever she touched.

However, I wouldn't have gotten where I am today. A book with over 500k votes and 200k comments. Because when I come onto Wattpad every day I feel loved. But your messages, comments and votes.

When some of you all message me asking for me to check out your book. I would love to, but I simply can't check out 100 books and comment and give feedback for every single book. So, I send a link of a thread, a close friend of mine made giving tips and any questions that you may have. That thread may haven't been up when I was writing or beginning out on Wattpad, but it's not like it didn't help. It did and it will, trust me.

I love you guys so much, each and every one of you. Even the silent readers, but if you are a silent reader comment so I know you exist. Yeah, I am talking to you. I started this book August 3, 2013. And two years later you guys shaped me to become the person I have, and I hope some way my writing has shaped you. When I am tired or feeling uninspired, I read your comments and it makes me want to write.

So I can go on and on, about my love for you guys but I know you are all waiting for one thing. Will there be a sequel? Well, I thought long and hard about it. I have the summary done and the cover made... but right now, I feel like I want to do something different. Not the same characters because I feel like I need a change. So no, it does not cancel the choice of a sequel. But, I do have another book up that I know you guys will love just as much. Well, I hope you do!

As for the sequel for The President's Daughter... Once I am done my new book 1-800 Cuddle (can anyone guess what it is about?) I might consider still writing the sequel, but I still want to know your feedback. Who would you want it about?



Ben and or possibly Holly

Alice and Gavin's Child- Thunder or Winter

Or if you have any other idea

I love you guys from my toes to my head. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and always making me want to write. You guys have changed my life and made me become the person I am today.

One more thing and I promise I will shut up.

I do have twitter if you guys want to follow me and I will most definitely follow you guys back. Tweet me with the hashtag #thepresidentsdaughter or #alicegetsarrested *wink wink. So I can know you guys are my readers and follow you back.


Twitter: _khadijarahma

Instagram: _khadijarahma

I love you & thank you,

Kade (xoxo_mysteriousgirl)

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