Chapter 29

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****Jason’s POV****

I didn’t hesitate and grabbed my phone. I searched through my contacts and the one I wanted to.

‘’Jason, What’s up?’’

‘’He was here!’’ I said

He stayed silence. ‘’who?’’

‘’Timpson and he got a message for us.’’

‘’what message?’’

‘’that our time is running and that we have six months left until our ‘’dead’’ line.’’ I knew exactly what he meant with deadline. It will mean our death. Not only for us but even for our friends and family.

‘’where are you know, Jason?’’

‘’I’m with Layla. We are in her village and he got through the barrier that protects this place. He can use magic.’’

‘’okay thanks for the call, Jason. I will try to some information about him. I call you.’’

Allen cut of the call and I turned to Layla. Whose face was full of horror. I walked to her and pulled her in a hug. Telling her that everything will be alright. Her little body was still shivering in my arms and I walked her inside to her mom.

Was he also being controlled just like my little sister? I still blame myself for what happened to her, that day. It was my responsibility to keep her safe. But I couldn’t. And now she is gone. My mom is still crying over her, from time to time. And it makes me feel bad. Not even Allen knows how I feel about that day. This is something I want to keep to myself and I don’t plan to share it soon.

‘’Jason…?’’ Layla said to me with a worried look.


‘’what’s wrong?’’

‘’it’s nothing. I’m just thinking about what happened. And you? are you okay now?’’

She nodded and she walked to the living room and came back with the small black box. She took my hand and gave me the box. I looked at her and know what she was saying. I placed the box in my pocket inside my jacket and stood up. My eyes looked her mom and grandma.

‘’I’m sorry we are leaving this soon again. I really wanted to stay a little longer but we can’t lose any time’’ I said and looked at her mom.

‘’I know and I don’t mind. This is more imported for all of you. As well for us.’’ She said and pulled me in a light hug. ‘’say hi to Thomas for me’’ she said and let go of me.

Layla hugged her mom and grandma and we left her house towards my car. We got in and I drove off to my house.


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