Chapter 17

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****Skyler’s POV****

I was sitting by the window waiting for Allen to come back. This still feels weird but, I can say that I really miss him. I really want him near me, it feels so cold without him. Only thinking about make the butterflies come back and my skin tinkles. I let out a sigh and looked at the starless night sky.

‘’why the sigh?’’ Layla said.

‘’don’t know. I kinda miss him’’

‘’he will come back, sky. Don’t worry about so much.’’

‘’ I know but still… this is all new for me, you know, the love thing’’

‘’I understand but just trust your feelings and trust him’’

‘’thanks Layla’’

‘’hey, don’t sweat it. I’m doing what a friend is supposed to do’’

I smiled and looked back to the sky.



‘’why can you see?’’

I head shoot towards Layla and my eyes flew open. Before I could say something Layla shook her head. I closed my mouth and looked away from her. Nobody else in school was asking me this question so why Layla and twice on top that. I looked back at Layla.


‘’you don’t need to say something if you don’t want to. You may keep it a secret. Even I have one.’’

‘’no I want to say it, but I don’t know how’’

‘’sky, I’m not angry I know what happened. Because I can sense his presence on you’’

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