chapter 5

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****Allen’s point of view****

After that the lunch was over, I stood up and walked away with Jason. I heard Victoria screaming behind me but I didn’t care. She was annoying as hell. She was like that when we were little and she still is. Jason could only laugh at us. That was something I could understand, because they were brother and sister. Even thought they don’t look like each other. Well I don’t care the only thing that mattered was that Jason was my best friend and right hand. He followed me everywhere.

We entered our classroom for our next lesson. In the canteen were we all split up in section but in the classroom we were mixed.

‘’what were you thinking about?’’ Jason asked. ‘’you kept looking down to that girl’’.

I looked towards Jason. He was right I was looking to her. I just couldn’t keep my eyes of her. But why? She is just a human girl, nothing special about it.

‘’I don’t know’’.

I walked towards my seat next to the window. Jason’s seat was in front of me. As I stared out the windows for a few minutes the teacher showed up.

‘’today we are going to watch a video about world war two’’ Miss Turner said with her stern voice.

She closed the curtains and started the video. I was starting to feel tired and decided to take a nap.

Everywhere were I looked was darkness. Not one spot of light. Only sound. I could hear people talking. Smell the people around me. Feel the people near me. Taste the person I love. Why couldn’t I see the people? What is this dream about? Why am I seeing this? Whose memory is this?

I felt a slap on my back. As I woke up I saw Jason smiling weird at me.


‘’nothing…. Did you sleep well”?

I let out a small his and stood up walking to the door. As we walked in the hallway I heard someone scream at me. I didn’t need to turn around, because I knew who it was. And her name is Victoria. I sighed and turned around.

‘’Vic… what is wrong?’’

I saw she was angry about something.

‘’Who the f*ck is this ‘Skyler’ person?’’ she screamed at me. ‘’at lunch you only looked down. You didn’t even look at me! You only looked at that girl downstairs. She is from the ground level for god sakes! You never look to that place! They are just mere humans! We are much better than them because we are va-’’.

‘’Vic… please calm down’’. I said and raised my hand to place it on her mouth, before she could say more. I looked at Jason and he knew what he must do.

‘’come on Vic…’’ he said and took his sister away. I saw she tried to get loose from her brother grip but he was just too strong for her.

‘’WE ARE NOT DONE TALKING YET, ALLEN!’’ Victoria screamed before she disappeared behind the corner. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

I saw people looking and walked further. A few minutes later Jason patted my shoulder.

‘’You have your hand full on her’’ he said. ‘’she keeps thinking that you will marry her’’.

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