chapter 27

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****Ian’s POV****

As I left the hospital my phone ringed. I looked at the callers ID and let out a sigh. I pushed her away and put my phone away. Not much later it rung again and picked up.

‘’what do you want!?’’ I snapped. I ‘’so’’ didn’t want to talk to her right now.

‘’also hello to you, little bro’’ she said.

‘’Misty, what is it?’’

My older sister Misty is a total bitch, when it comes to me. Every time she causes trouble, she says it was my fault. It had been like this since I was young. And right now I knew she was again in trouble. She would call me for ‘’just’’ a little chitty chat.

‘’why do you think I want something?’’

‘’because… you never call me. You only call me when you are in trouble and need my help’’

‘’crap… you saw right through me.’’

‘’so…what do you want?’’ I said and opened the door of my car.

‘’well it about my boyfr……………’’

I cut her off and turned my phone out. She and her boyfriend, she only wants to use me to make him jealous. And after that they are again the happy couple. Her problems were standing at the very end on my ‘’worry list’’. Right now I needed to find the piece of paper. I turned on my car and drove off.

While driving for a few hours I turned my phone back on and saw thirty messages of my sister. I ignored them and called my dad.

‘’Ian, what wrong?’’

‘’dad, where are you now?’’

‘’why that, son?’’

‘’well I need the piece of the page’’ I said and he stayed silence for a little while.

‘’how do you know about that?’’

‘’Eric Watts’’ was all I said and I knew he would understand.

‘’meet me in my office’’ he said and ended the call. I throw my phone on the passenger’s seat and speeded up. It didn’t take long for me to reach his company building. I parked in front of it and entered the building.

‘’Morning, Mister Gale’’ a woman behind the desk said.

‘’Morning Emilie, I have an appointment with my father’’

‘’I know he is expecting you’’

I nodded and walked to the elevator. The doors opened and entered. I pressed the button for the thirteenth floor and the doors closed. The elevator pinged and I walked toward my dad’s office. All the people I met on my way to him, nodded to me. I ignored them and knocked on the door as I reached it.

‘’come in!’’

I opened the door and entered. He was standing in front of the window and looked outside. Without looking at me he told me to take a seat.

‘’how do you know about Eric Watts?’’ he said, still with his back to me.

‘’I know his daughter, Skyler Watts. And we bounded’’

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