chapter 21

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My family history? Why should I look through that? What is so special about my family? Did they have some kind of secret? There were a look of questions in my head spinning around and don’t know what to do with them. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around. I saw Allen looking at me.

‘’are you alright?’’ he said.

I nodded.

I knew that my grandma had a special gift. She could see by the touch of people, a fragment of their past and future. Thinking about that made me think of something familiar. I had experience the same thing. That time that I met Allen for the first time. Oh well… I looked like the same thing. I didn’t see the past of future, but the present.

‘’Sky? Are you really okay? You looked kind of spaced out?’’

‘’hmm… oh sorry… I was just thinking of was Anna said. About my family and made me think of my grandma who had this gift.’’

‘’what gift?’’ Jason said

‘’well it’s nothing special and I think I also have it.’’

‘’tell me’’

‘’well she was blind just like me and could by touching people, see their past and future. I had it when I met Allen for the first time on the stairs.’’

‘’what did you see?’’ he said with a worried expression on his face. I walked to him and cupped his. I brought it to eye level and looked him in the eye.

‘’what I saw was you, Allen. I saw the present, I guess. And that time we… uehm… well… you know…’’ I trailed off.

‘’know what?’’

‘’well… when we first kissed.’’ I said and became red. Allen was smiling because of that. ‘’I was a picture in my head with you and your parents on it.’’

‘’so can you see something now?’’

I concentrated, but shook my head. ‘’nope, nothing’’

‘’well maybe we can do some digging. A little family history wouldn’t hurt right’’ Layla said. ‘’I’m also want to know why I have this feeling when I’m around Sky’’

‘’you feel something around me?’’ and I raised an eyebrow.

‘’yes. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel somehow my power raising a little.’’

We all looked at each other.

‘’I think I can call my parents. maybe they know something?’’ I said and pulled out my phone, but Allen stopped me.

‘’let’s wait a bit more before we jump in conclusions. Maybe it’s a falls alarm. Let’s do the digging ourselves’’

Allen was right. We needed facts before we jump in conclusions. Maybe my parents don’t know anything about this. I can’t ask my grandma anymore because she died last year. And they don’t know how. Maybe this had something to do with this. But I will keep this piece of the puzzle to myself a little longer, before we know more.

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