chapter 30

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L.O.B. vol. 2 Element Master.

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****Anna’s POV****

’Anna, I keep it short. Just hurry okay? Skyler’s mom is the next one they are after. Just meet us by Skyler’s house, once you have it.’’

Allen sounds serious on the phone. But why Skyler’s mom?

I was already at home still talking to my father, but he didn’t want to give me the piece. I was starting to lose my patients. All he did was talking about responsibility and that I was still too young to take over his position. He was really now pissing me off.

‘’dad, are you done now!?’’ I snapped at him. ‘’I don’t want to take over your position, yet. The only thing I want is the piece of the page, so that I can go Skyler and Allen!’’

‘’young lady, don’t you dare to talk to me like that! I’m still your father and you will respect me’’ he yelled at me. ‘’DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?’’

I was about to say something back, when I and my dad looked at each other while we heard a scream, from down stairs. We both run down the stairs and saw my mom trembling on her knees. In front of her was a black wolf he looked furious but the look in his eyes was something that pulled my attention. His eyes were full of fear and sadness.

He noticed my dad and me and his head snapped my way. His eyes where looking deep in mine. It was like I could almost read his mind. It was he was telling me to help him that he was in pain. I broke out of the trance when my mom started to cry. My dad was still looking and thinking how to get my mom away from him unharmed.

‘’you take mom and I go after him’’ I said and moved towards the wolf. Before my dad could say something I attacked him and run towards the lake, behind our house. I didn’t need to look back if he was following me. I could sense him, and he was very close. When I was standing on the bank of the lake. I stopped and looked at him. I was slightly panting, while he was breathing in peace.

Now that I didn’t need to worry about my mom, I could take a better look at him. His fur was standing up slightly in his neck. He had bared his teeth and his eyes…. His eyes where the thing that attracted me. it showed still fear and sadness, but also pain and curiosity. I saw him studying me while I was still focused on his beautiful, honey colored eyes. I saw him relaxing as his fur was lying down.

 He took a step forwards as I took a step backwards. We were still looking at each other. I heard a light splashing sound behind me. I broke the contact and looked back down. My foot was on the water. I took a few more steps and I stood on it. He was now standing on the bank at the edge of the water. I felt that I must not attack him, that he wanted to tell me something. I reached out my hand and placed it on his cheek. I felt small sparks and he was shuddering under my touch.

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