chapter 2

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We were sitting in the living room and my parents were watching TV. Since I got home they didn’t say a word to me. It was like they were avoiding a talk about that school. Even thought I couldn’t see them, I felt that they were worried. I could understand that, I was there only daughter and on top of that I was going to a ‘’normal’’ school somewhere in this planet. Why would they not be worried? It was normal. I stood up and walked towards the kitchen. When I was there I heard footsteps behind me. They were from my father.

‘’Sky…. Do you want to go to that school?’’ he asked.

‘’dad…. As I already told you, it is better to go to a school that you don’t know and get accepted, than going to a school where you want to go and get rejected’’ I said to him. ‘’you know how much I want to start living like a normal girl’’.

I heard a sigh. I know that was a ‘small’ sign that he was trying to accept my choice. Even if he didn’t want it. I know that mom had mostly already accepted it. She knew what I wanted.

There was playing music on the background when I lay in bed. Even if I did go to a new school tomorrow, I wasn’t nervous somehow. I was excited. A new school, new friends, a normal life. Before I knew was sleeping and the music faded away.


The next morning went fast. My mom helped me packing my cloths, toiletries and stuff. When I was almost done the doorbell rung.

‘’we are here to pick up Miss Watts’’ a male voice said. ‘’ I hope she is done soon’’. And he walked away.

I felt a hand on my shoulder.

‘’honey, I’m done packing your stuff’’ she said with a sad voice

. I could hear she had tears in her eyes. My dad came up and grabbed my two suitcases. We walked down the stairs towards the front door. When we reached it I felt that my mom grabbed me for a hug. Her head rested on my shoulder. I could feel the warm drops.

‘’honey… please let me know when you get there okay?’’ she said and started to cry harder

. I felt the tears swelling up in my eyes. I took a deep breath to let them sink. But before they were gone, my dad grabbed me.

‘’please be save and promise your write’’ he said and I couldn’t held my tears back.

‘’ I promise as soon I’m there I will call and let you know where I am’’.

The man took my suitcases from my dad and walked to the car.

‘’Miss Watts are we ready to go’’ he said. ‘’ we have still a long journey in front of us’’.

I grabbed both of my parents one more time for a hug.

‘’ bye bye’’ I said and walked away to the car and got on.

After we have been driving for couple of hours I woke up.

‘’excuse me?’’ I said to the man. ‘’yes’’ he said. ‘’may I ask where we are going?’’.

He stayed silence. I hated it when people did that. A few minutes want by before he said something.

‘’we are going to St. August Academy but I may not say it location’’

. Although I couldn’t see I looked puzzled. He couldn’t say the location of the school? That was something new. He was taking me to a place unknown to the world or something. Maybe I wasn’t even on earth anymore.

‘’can you tell me something about the school?’’ I asked him. He let out a small laugh.

‘’St. August Academy was in the past an elite school. Since a few years the principle decided to let average people on the school.  He said something about that they should mix. And get to know each other. The education there is high and difficult but good. Even I was there a student ones’’. He said.

 I could hear in his voice that he was young, maybe a few years older than me. Before I could ask the next question the car stopped.

‘’we are here’’ he said and got out of the car.

A few seconds later he opened my door and helped me out the car.

‘’Hi there’’ a high pinched voice said. ‘’you must me my new roommate’’.

Someone took my hand.

‘’My name is Layla and yours must me Skyler right?’’.

She sounded like a too cheerful girl.

‘’that’s right’’ I said back. ‘’nice to meet you, but please call me Sky’’.

She started to smile.

 ‘’ it’s okay for you to touch my face’’. She said and brought my hands towards her face. ‘’my little brother is also born blind so I know what you are going thou’’.

I started to move my hands slowly on her face. Her hair had curls till above her shoulder. It felt really soft under my hands. The shape of her face was round and puffy. Her nose was small and her lips were sharp. I got in my mind a good picture from her. She seems like a nice girl. so this could work out.

‘’thanks’’ I said.

‘’no your welcome’’ Layla replied. ‘’that is your way of seeing’’.

I started to smile. Layla took my hand again. ‘’come I’ll show you around the school’’ she said and started to drag me with her.


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