chapter 22

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****Skyler’s POV****

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________**** fifteen minutes ago****­_______________________

‘’and why do you think you can find information here about my family?’’ I said. ‘’I come from an another city, remember’’

‘’trust me, Sky. We are here because of a special book. It’s owned by a witch that I know. This book can tell us everything about a person we want.’’


Allen looked at me and shook his head with smile on his face. We walked further in to the library until we were in a dead end. Allen took out some kind of key and held in front of a wall. The ground started to shake and a door came out. I know it sound weird but it does.

Before we could enter someone grabbed me from behind. There was a hand on my mouth to prevent me from screaming. For some reason my body froze, and I was unable to move. I felt a warm breath against my neck and I screamed in his hand. Allen heard it and turned towards me. His eyes became big and he changed to his vampire mode. Jason did the same thing and both stood ready for attack.

‘’LET HER GO!’’ Allen demanded at him but he didn’t let go of me.

‘’Why?’’ he said calmly and brushed with his finger over my neck. My eyes were on Allen and I felt tears welling up in my eyes, because I was scared.

‘’Let. Her. Go!’’ and Jason moved forwards but Allen stopped him. ‘’what do you want and who are you?’’

He let out an snicker and lowered the hand from my mouth. ‘’My name is Alexander Nior. And I want her because without her you can’t seal me away again. She is the key for that, young Carter boy. I see that you became a man. How long has it been, five years?’’

‘’thirteen’’ Allen said. ‘’it been thirteen years’’

‘’that long already!? Man time flies when you have fun’’ he said and started to laugh.

‘’what do you mean?’’

‘’did you think that I stood still all the time? You got that wrong, Hammington boy. I killed some people, who were a treat to me.’’ he said and laid his eyes on me. ‘’a treat like your grandma’’ he said.

My eyes widened. He killed my grandma? My poor and old grandma? Her face, with her kind and gentle smile, came in my mind and something snapped inside of me. Anger rushed through my veins and I felt my fingers burning. My whole body started to tingle and I broke free.

Allen rushed to me and took me to Jason and Layla. They both hid me behind them. Without knowing what I did, I placed my hand on Layla’s shoulder and a flash appeared. I felt her power flowing in to me. Layla looked at me and blinked. As I could feel her power, she could feel mine.

Layla turned back to Alexander and moved her hand towards him. She didn’t say anything and spikes appeared out of the ground. He avoids them and Layla tried it again. she hit him but only made a scratch.

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