chapter 28

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****Layla’s POV****

‘’I’m bored’’ I said under a sigh. ‘’I wish Jason was here’’

My phone was vibrating in my pocket and took it out. I saw that I got a messenge and opened it.

‘’Ian has his piece.

Look out for a Mister Timpson. He is up to no good. One of Allen’s men is keeping an eye on him. If we find something, I’ll let you know.


Why does the name Timpson sounds so familiar. As I kept thinking, the waitress brought my breakfast and I started to eat. But the name didn’t give a face. I paid and walked towards the bus. As I waited my phone was ringing.


‘’hi, it’s me’’ a low familiar voice said and my heart skipped a beat.

‘’Jason, hi’’ I said with a soft smile. I knew he couldn’t see, but still. I was feeling happy.

‘’where are you now?’’

‘’in front of Lucie’s dinner. Why?’’

‘’stay where you are. I will be there in a minute. I don’t want you to be alone right now. Not when this Timpson and Nior is walking around.’’ he said and I could hear the worry in his voice.  Before I could say something he cut off the called and I pulled the phone down.

Before I could put my phone away, a car stopped in front of me. The window opened and a boy was hanging on the passenger’s seat smiling at me. His brown hair and eyes looked at me with love. I couldn’t help it but smile.

‘’Jason, that fast!’’

‘’I told you I’ll be there in a minute’’ he chuckled and opened the door. I got in and fastened the seatbelt. Before he drove of he placed a soft kiss on my cheek. With made me even blush and smile more. He pulled the car on the road and drove towards my home town.

‘’so this is the place?’’ Jason asked as he looked around in the middle of nowhere.

‘’No. the village we live in is hidden. Over there is the entrance.’’ And I pointed in front of us at a big tree. ‘’it’s hidden with some kind of magic shield.’’

Jason’s mouth formed an ‘’O’’ and nodded. I walked to it and placed my hand on it. I whispered a few words and the wall crumbled in to pieces. Behind it a small village was revealed. I took Jason’s hand an walked with him into the village.

Lots of people greeted me and I waived back. The village looked old and worn down, but had in its own way his charm. The houses were mostly made of wood and stone. That represents our element. In the middle stood a fountain where children were playing. My picked up a boy sitting on the side. I walked to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped in the air and landed in the water. Jason and I started to laugh and the boy pouted.

‘’That’s. Not. Funny. Layla!’’ he tried saying it calm but you could hear that he was mad.

‘’Sorry, Emmet. Do you know were mom is?’’

‘’I think she is with Grandma in the cave. Why, do you need something?’’ he asked and got out of the water.

‘’no, it’s nothing. Come let’s get you some dry cloth.’’ I saw and we all walked toward one of the biggest houses. It was the house of my grandparents, who were still in charge. My mom used to be next but she didn’t want it. She gave her position to me. As Emmet changed in some dry cloth o made some tea and gave it to Jason.

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