Chapter 25

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hey my dear fans and readers,,

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****Skyler's POV****

___________________________****a few minutes earlier****______________________

Everything around was dark. Not that I was scared because I knew this kind of darkness. It was the same kind of that I was still blind. But I didn’t like the feeling not to be able to see anymore. In the background I heard voices and noises. But my eyes wouldn’t open no matter how hard I tried.

My body was burning with heat. Every muscle, every nerve, every sense and every cell was hurting me. The feeling of Allen’s bite was still there. It was not a hurtful feeling, but it was itchy. Out of spot the heat started and traveled from there to everywhere. My throar started to burn and my mouth started to hurt.

Evert sound around became more clear. I started to hear voices in my head. Did I just hear Allen? Talking to my father? What were they talking about? About fear and weakness? But I saw them standing there. They didn’t note me. I looked around and saw chains and ropes all over the place and they all ended by my father.

Before I knew it I grabbed a chain and a rope and squeezed them in my hand. My body reacted on its own and I start to bund down the rope, with the flame inside me. The chain in my other hand was pulverized to dust. I don’t know how I did it, but I did it. All the chains and ropes in the darkroom were disappearing and started to lose up around my father. I took a steps towards them and saw Allen turning around. my heart skipped a beat when I looked him in the eye. I could feel that our bond was stronger than before. Was it because I was a vampire now? I don’t care, the only thing I want is to be with him. My dad met my eyes.

‘’hey dad’’

‘’Skyler, why are you here?’’

‘’it’s because I’m a vampire now.’’ I said and I felt this place starting too weak. I could feel Alexander trying to enter again. To pull out his chains and ropes again. The look on Allen’s face was over whelmed with relieve.

But on the other side Alexander was wear and this was our change to escape.

‘’it is dangerous here!’’ Allen said to me with terror on his face.

‘’I know that’s why I came to get you. Alexander is now starting too weak. We must leave now, so that dad can fight him from the inside to get his body back’’

Allen looked at my dad and he nodded. He took my hand and leaded me out if his head. I opened my eyes and stood up, behind Ian, who looked back at me. He nodded and looked back in front of him. I took a few steps forward and saw Allen standing there. We looked at each other and both looked at the same time at my father, who was struggling with himself.

It was painful to watch, so I looked the other way. My mom was sitting on her knees next to Jason. Without thinking I run to my mother and kneed next to her. She looked at me and started to cry. I pulled her in a hug and told her it will be alright. My eyes looked up at Jason, who was smiling at me with a big grin on his face.



‘’you are not smiling at nothing, you are smiling to me. So what is it?’’

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