chapter 10

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‘’is she already wake?’’

‘’no not jet’’

‘’why don’t you go and take a sniff of fresh air. I’ve she wakes up I call you okay?’’

‘’okay. Thanks Miss. Harper’’.

I heard Layla walking away. As she closed the door I seat up. The room where I was in, smelled like Alcohol. So this must me the nurse office.

‘’ah, Miss. Watts, you are awake, how are you feeling?’’ Miss. Harper said.

‘’what happened?’’

‘’you past out’’

That was right. I passed out as soon Layla came back. I was thinking of that blood pool and I started to feel sick and nauseous again. At moments like this I’m glad that I can’t see.

‘’sick and nauseous’’

‘’I can imagine that. I heard that it was a horror seen in your room’’

‘’ am I glad I can’t see’’ I laughed. I was really glad. Lucky me.

She snickered. ‘’well stay here as long you need. If there is something, just call me.’’

I nodded and lay down again. The door opened and I heard footsteps.

‘’Ah… Layla perfect timing. Skyler just woke up’’

She walked towards me.

‘’hey Sky… How are you?’ she asked. Why does everyone asked the thing?

‘’fine… and you?’’

‘’yeah… better. Do you know what happened?’’

I shook my head in respond. ‘’do you know what happened?’’

‘’well… yes I do. Someone was pulling a very sick joke on you. That psychopath wrote even a note for you on the wall. In blood!’’

‘’Blood? from that one animal?’’ I started to feel sick again.

 ‘’one animal? Sky… there were four of them lying in the room. The whole room was drenched in blood! It was like a scene of a horror movie!’’

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