chapter 9

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****Skyler POV****

____________________-Meanwhile, when Allen was gone-________________________


He loves me? He is in love with me? That can’t be true. I must have heard it wrong. Well that’s kind of hard because my hearing in sharper. So I must have heard it right. Although he said it very soft in my ear, just thinking about it makes my heart jump. I still can feel his arms around me and the feeling of his lips on mine. It was like heaven.

Every moment we touched I could see things in my head. Pictures of places I have never seen. It was just like I could see in his mind. That I could see the things he sees or have seen. It made me even more curios for the world. There is one picture that keeps my attention.

It was a picture of three people. All standing together and smiling happy, I guess that’s Allen and his parents. He looked like his mother. Green/blue/gray mixed eyes and wild, warm, honey blond hair, which was standing all over his head. With looks cute. And his body was almost the same as his dad. His shoulders were wide, long legs and strong arms. Only thinking about his arms, make me blush.

Now I know why Layla called him mysterious. There is something about him, but I can’t put my finger on it. And god he really looks some kind of god. So perfect.

Thinking about his parents and seeing them in my head. It makes me think about my own parents. I don’t even know how they look like. if I even look like one of them. My dad says that I look like my mom and mom says I look like my dad. So maybe I look like them both, just like Allen and his parents.

‘’crap… I still need to call them’’. I said and grabbed my phone and pushed the speed dial for my parents home number.

‘’Watts resident’’ my dad said on the other side.

‘’Hey dad’’

‘’Sky… how are you… are at school now… how is it there?’’

‘’I’m fine dad… and yes I’m at school now and everything is all right here. My roommate has a brother that is also blind so she knows was she must do. Where is mom?’’

‘’she is out shopping for tonight’s dinner. Do want me to leave a message for her?’’

‘’ no dad… it’s okay… just tell her I’m doing great and that I call again… okay?’’

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