chapter 8

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****Allen’s view****

I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. I slowly wrapped my arms around her. She buried her face in my chest. I had a feeling that I must keep her close to me, but why? The smell she gave of was amazing.  I have never smelled something like this before. It made me lose my mind. The feeling of her in my arms made my skin tingly. She just fitted perfect inside my arms. Seeing her crying like that made my heart hurt badly.

‘’it’s okay. You can cry all you want’’ I said and pressed her closer to my chest. I could feel my heart beating fast and rested my head on hers trying to calm down.

Well I can’t blame her for crying. I can understand what she is going though. The only thing she sees is darkness. She only knows what the world feels, smells and taste like. She doesn’t even know what her own parents look like. I can tall that it is very hard for her, not able to see what she wants to see. I make me feel bad. I want to do something for her. I know what I can do but how?

‘’thanks’’ she said with a cute red face and pushed me away from her. ‘’I’m okay now’’.

‘’that’s good’’.

Before I knew I was acting before I could think. I looked down at her face and cupped it in my hand. My face came closer to hers and could smell her breath. I could feel her heat in my face. Without thinking I placed my lips hers and started to kiss her. My whole body felt in shock and my mind shut itself down. My lips covered hers perfectly, if they were made for her. They felt soft and tasted sweet.

I slowly separated our lips and look at her. Just looking at her make me feel alive. I hugged her placed my head in her neck. I could see the veins under her fair skin and hear her heart beating wild. Only her smell made my body already numb and shut my mind down. The only thing I could think of how much I love her. How much I want her. How much I wanted to make her mine.

I kept repeating in my head I love you, I love you, I love you.

‘’I love you’’ I whispered softly in her ear and kissed her neck. Her body let out a small shock. I slowly pulled myself away from her and looked at her. Her eyes were wide open from the shock.

It was the first time I saw her eyes in close up. There were beautiful so bleu as the sky is. Maybe that’s why her name is Skyler. It fitted her.

Suddenly reality hid me as I saw something in the corner of my eye. I turned my head to the door and saw Victoria looking through the window. And she didn’t look happy.  As soon as she saw me looking, she walked away.

‘’this is bad’’ I said and het go. ‘’this is really bad’’. 

I stood up and walked away. Before I walked out of the door I looked back at Skyler. She was still looking in to space. I felt somehow guilty. ‘’stay here okay? Don’t leave this room’’. She turned her head towards me and nodded. I flew out of the room to look for Victoria.

I didn’t need to search long. She was sitting on a chair in the third level of the canteen. Before I could climb the stairs, she was standing in front of me. I knew she was pissed or  even worse.

‘’Vic… please calm down and let me explain’’ I said and out with my hand towards her.


‘’please calm down. Do you want other students to find out about us?’’

She took a deep breath and climbed the stairs. I followed her and seat down in my chair. She took the seat in front of and looked me in the eye. I looked away trying to avoid her death glares.

‘’are you calm enough now?’’ I asked and looked at her.

She nodded and crossed her legs.

‘’good. First let me ask you something’’

‘’what’’ she snapped at me and I knew she wasn’t to let this go, about what happened between me and Skyler.

‘’why are you here? Didn’t you and Jason hat some business at home?’’

‘’I was. But I got bored and decided to come back. If mom was home I would have stayed, but she wasn’t’’ she said and flipped her silky black hair away from her face. ‘’and the business Jason has is about the company. So I don’t care’’.

‘’ okay’’.

 I know she was lying about she got bored over there. I just knew her to long for that. she is just like an open book.

‘’ why did you kissed that human girl. You know that I’m your soul mate right?’’

I closed my eyes and sighed. ‘’how many times do I have to tell you, that you are not. I love you as a sister, just like I love Jason as a brother. You are nothing more to me than my best friend. I can’t love you as a woman, Vic’’.

‘’so you are saying that she is the one, that she is your soul mate?’’

 ‘’yes…. I think so’’ I can’t put Sky in danger because of this.

‘’HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU ARE SAYING THAT THE SOUL MATE OF THE GREAT VAMPIRE ‘’ALLEN CARTER’’, IS A PATETIC HUMAN!’’ she shouted. ‘’we shall see about that, Allen. I will not accept this!’’ she hissed.

I started to feel my blood boil. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

‘’If you lay one finger on her’’ I hissed. ‘’I swear that I will not see it through my finger, Victoria.’’

She flinched. She knew if I just her full name that I really mean it. I kept glaring at her. After a few seconds she stood up and walked away. I saw her walking by in the corner of my eye.

‘’just like I said before Allen, we shall see about that’’.

And she walked down and rushed out of the canteen.

‘’she is not letting this matter go’’ I said to myself and sighed. ’’ I need to inform Jason about this matter. He must try to keep Vic away from Sky’’.

A few minutes passed by before I stood up. As I stood by the door of the canteen I looked at the food that was left. I grabbed a chocolate cupcake and took it with me. While I walked towards the music room I looked at the cupcake. Making me think that, I look stupid, for some reason. But who cares. When I came by the door I looked through the window. She was still sitting there with were headphones on. Her face still red and I started to feel nervous. I took a deep breath and opened the door.


She looked up. ‘’H-h-hey’’ she stumbled. It looked cute and I wanted to hold her again.

‘’ I have something for you’’ I said and handed it over. ‘’I thought you might be hungry’’

‘’thanks’’ She took it and started to smile. I felt that my heart started to beat harder. She looked happy and took a bite of her cupcake. While she was eating I took a seat next to her and kept looking.

‘’you have a few crumbs here’’ I said and placed my finger on her mouth and pick it. Her face stared to become even redder than it already was. I had the crumbs on my finger and placed it in my mouth.


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