Chapter 1

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'' Sky... SKY...'' there was a high but warm voice calling me. '' SKYLER... wake up there is mail for you and breakfast is ready!''.

It was my mother calling from down stairs. i reached with my hand to my alarm clock and pushed a button. '' 10.30 AM'' a voice said. It was a pain in the ass to get up. Every day was the same for me. Every day was the same old song. It had been like this, since the summer vacation has started. I stood up and started to walk with my hand in front of me. When I felt the door under my hands, I side with my hand down towards the doorknob and twisted it to open. As soon as the door was open a rich and sweet aroma reached my nose.

‘‘Pancakes'' I toughed.

Still with my hands in front of me i walked to the stairs. I took small steps to go down. Finally down I followed my nose, with my hands in front of me, to the kitchen.

''Good morning, sleepyhead'' a warm and low voice said. It was my father.

'' Morning, mom, dad'' i said and took a seed. The smell of the pancakes was stunning, I could feel the water in my mouth. My mom’s pancakes were the best in the world.

''What is it about that letter'' I said to my mom.

I heard my mom’s feet turn on the ground and walked towards me. ''it’s a letter for you from some kind of school'' she answered.

I started to think about what school she was talking about. She took my hand and past me the letter. I slide with my fingers on the surface to make out what kind of letter it was.

‘‘Dad would you like to read it for me'' I asked him. ''Well of course'' he said and took the letter. I heard him opening the envelope. He took the letter out and started to read:

Miss Skyler Watts,


We want to let you know that you are accepted in St. August Academy.


We expect you here in two days. You will be living in the school dorms. Everything has already been taken care of. When you get here, you will be picked up by your roommate at the school entrees.  She will show you around that day.


There will be a car to pick you up.


The director of St. August Academy.

After that my dad was finished it stayed silence. I could hear my parents breathing and heard my mother sniffing. I didn't know what to say. I didn't remember sending an application to a school like that. Let’s stand that I even know a school like that. But it was better than ''not'' being accepted in a school where I wanted to go to. It was difficult for me to get in a normal school. Because of my disability. Ever since I was born, I was blind. I've never been in a normal school and I really wanted to live, mostly a normal life like every other teenager.  I may not see with my eyes but I see with my other senses.

‘’well isn’t it not great, Sky’’ my mom said after a while.

I could hear she was shocked somehow.

‘’well is better than not going to a school, right’’ I said with a smile. The backdoor opened.

‘’GOODMORNGING’’ a girl sung while entering the kitchen. I could recognize that voice from miles away.

‘’ morning Serrah’’ I said and took a bite of my pancakes. She walked towards the chair next to me.

‘’what are you up to today’’ she asked. I let out a small laugh.

‘’well there is a letter on the table, maybe you should read it’’ answering while I was still eating. My dad past her the letter and she started to read.

After a while she jumped up and took my hands.

‘’Sky that’s amazing’’ she said but screamed. ‘’do you even know what kind of school that is. It’s a school for rich kids’’.

I could feel her eyes sparkle from excitement. My mouth hung open. I didn’t know what to say. The news that I was going to a school somewhere on this planet, just started to sunk in. I was going to a normal school. For the first time in my life. Well the word normal was a bit wrong.

When I was done with my breakfast I started to walk to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, comb my hair and got dressed up. The close I wear was nothing fancy, just a pair of plain jeans and a normal shirt. I reached out for my stick and walked again towards the kitchen, where Serrah was waiting for me.

‘’come on’’ she said and took my hand. ‘’Let’s make some fun today for the last time together’’.

I could feel we were outside walking toward her car. She opened the door and helped me in.

We went to the city. She told me that she was also tomorrow going to a collage somewhere in the U.S. Serrah was not the study type like I was. She was more the sporty type. The school took her in with a scholarship. It was here dream to get in a school like that. I knew because, we have been friends, like forever. She knew everything from me and I knew everything from her.  

All we did that day was walking around and talking. Mostly about Serrah’s new school. After a few hours she drove me home. My dad was already by the door. I got out of the car and said goodbye.


i know the chapter sucks, but i had a litlle trouble with the start. but i promise that the next one will be beter!!

i also need a name for a boy, for the male leadrole.

so if you have know a nice name, please let me know.

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