chapter 26

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the next chapter will be about Ian,,



‘’where are we going?’’ Anna asked me when we walked up the stairs towards my parent’s bedroom.

‘’his study is connected with their bedroom.’’

‘’why do we need to go there again?’’

‘’because…. There is a safe inside that room that holds a piece of the puzzle. And I get the feeling I know what he has in it’’

‘’what than?’’ Allen asked me.

‘’a ‘’piece’’ of the puzzle’’

We got inside their bedroom. I looked around and spotted a door. Jason saw it to and opened it. I was right about that door. It did lead to his study. The room was covered with pictures, objects, books and other strange stuff. One picture got my attention and showed a group of young people. They didn’t look older than we do, about seventeen or eighteen years old.

The boy in the middle looked somehow familiar. I studied him. He looked like my father somehow. There were six more on the picture. Two woman and four other males. Allen stood next to me and looked.

‘’is that my dad?’’ he said and pointed at a boy, who had an arm around my father’s neck.

I took the picture from the wall and walked to the table and laid it down. Everyone in the roon noticed it and came to take a look.

‘’what is this picture?’’ Layla asked.

‘’I think it’s a picture of my father when he was about our age. And this is him I think’’ and I pointed again at the boy in the middle.

‘’this is my father’’ Anna said and pointed at the man on the left side of the picture. He was standing next to a woman who looked like Layla.

‘’Layla, is it possible that this is your Mother?’’ I showed her the woman and she nodded.  ‘’than this means that this man is your father, Jason.’’ And pointed at the man on the other side of my dad. Jason nodded.

I wanted the place the picture back I let is slip out of my hands. as it landed on the floor it scattered in to pieces. The photo itself was lying with it back up and there was something written on it.

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