Chapter 31 *finale*

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****Skyler’s POV****

I was shocked by the fact that one of my best friends was actually a witch. And even Serrah on top of that. But was not the thing I was mostly shocked of. It was my mom. How did she knew and I didn’t. Serrah and I told each other everything. Our problems, troubles, secrets and kept this a secret for me. Well I always did feel something around her, but I just couldn’t place my finger on it. 

Now that I think about it, I don’t actually know much of her. Like where she lives, if she has siblings, what she looks like. Well that last thing was kind of impossible, since I couldn’t see. She always knew everything about me, while I don’t know anything about her. This matter makes me somehow…. Mad and sad, at the same time.

‘’Where is she now? Is not in her new collage?’’ I asked my mom.

‘’No she is leaving in a few days. If you want to speak to her, you must me fast.’’ My mom said and she left the room. ‘’I’m going to your dad now and…. Uehm.. .Allen is that okay?’’

He answered and I heard the front door falling in its slot. The room dropped silence and all eyes were in me. It felt like someone wanted to say something, but no one did. My eyes turned to the page and let out a sigh.

‘’well…’’ I started. ‘’I should call Serrah’’ and I walked out of the room. I walked towards the living room where the phone was. Allen followed me and stopped me, with his arms around my waist. His head was on the back of my neck, where he a soft kiss planted. My body shivered by his breath and touch of his lips. I placed my hand on his and looked of my shoulder at him. He smiled and placed a kiss on my lips.

‘’Allen….’’ I moaned as he pulled away. ‘’I need to call Serrah…’’

‘’I know…. I just wanted to hold you and kiss you.’’ he said with a smile on his face. He released me and I walked to the phone. Our phone book was right next to it; I looked through it and stopped by Milles. The only name I saw there was Serrahpine Milles. I looked at Allen and dialed the number. Someone picked up the phone by the third tone.

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