chapter 13

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****Skyler POV****

I was trembling while I took it. I don’t know what it was but it tasted good. It was sweet and fruity. But the cure was a thick and sticky liquid. Once it was in my body I started to feel strange.

My heart beat rose, body started to feel warm and my eyes started to sting. It didn’t hurt but it was not a nice feeling. After two minutes of that feeling it all faded away.

‘’Sky… try to open your eyes and look at me’’ Allen said.

I slowly pulled up my eyelids and a sharp pain entered my eyes. I squeezed them to adjust. After a few seconds the pain faded and I continued to open them. Once they were open I was amazed. I was looking at someone’s chest. His hand was still in my face and he lifted it up. My eyes were slowly going up. From the chest to the neck and from there I was looking in someone’s eyes.

My hand slowly reached his face and I started to feel. It was the first time I saw my hand. It traded slowly across his face. From his eyes, to the nose, to his hair and I stopped on his lips. The person I was looking at was the same one from that image in my head.

‘’Allen…’’ I whispered and looked him in the eye for the first time. By only looking at him I started to feel strange. It was that feeling again in my stomach, but it felt nice. He slowly bends in and placed his forehead on mine. He was still looking in my eyes and he started to laugh.

‘’you’re eyes are beautiful, Sky.’’ He whispered. I lowered my hand and he placed his lips on mine. Small sparks went through my body. The feeling in my stomach was making me feel good.  He started to nib in my under lip and wanted to enter my mouth. The kiss only was letting me feel already so good that I lost my mind. I let him in and he started to explore my mouth with his tong. My mind and body were numb and let him take the lead.

It was not my first kiss with a boy. I had a boyfriend before but he was an a*hole. He had a bet with his friends. We didn’t came further than the second stage. After I found out about he bet I dump him. Serrah helped me with it. She was the one who punched him. I was angry at him because he lied about being in love with me. But I was sad because I really loved him that time.

I could feel that Allen was different, that he really loves me. What I feel with Allen I so much different from that time I was with him. It was stronger. It made me to want him. Even if I know him for almost two days, it feels like I know him for years.

He departed from my lips and I let out a soft moan. I opened my and looked again at him. Once I was looking at him again I knew it for sure now. I was in love with him. The he let me feel, feels so good. I was again yarning for his lips, his strong arms, and his smell.

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