chapter 23

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I knocked on the door and my dad opened it. This was the first time I really looked him in the eye. He looked back and his face became blank. I placed a faint smile on my face and walked inside. Followed by Allen, Jason, Layla, Anna, Ian and Ace. My mom, who was in the kitchen looked around the corner and looked at me like she had seen a ghost.

We all entered the living room and took a seat. I walked to the kitchen to help my mom. She was still looking at me. I ignored her and made some tea.

‘’Mom, will you stop staring at me?’’

‘’but you look different somehow’’


‘’you look more grown up know’’

‘’maybe, a lot of this have happened, the past few days.’’

‘’you only have been gone for about a week or something’’

‘’I know’’ and placed the tea on a tray. ‘’and I will only change more, mom. Because of that will come’’ and I walked to the living room where my dad was studying the group.

One I entered the room his eyes flashed on me and keep staring. I could feel that he was going to say something. My mom took the tray from me over and started to serve the tea, while I took my seat next to Allen. His eyes were still fixed on me.

‘’did ‘’he’’ help you see?’’ and he nodded towards Allen. ‘’what did he do, bite you?’’

‘’no dad, he didn’t’’

‘’than what, Sky! What did he do!?’’ he raised his voice.

‘’I don’t know, dad. I don’t know. I couldn’t see remember?’’ I snapped back. ‘’the only thing I know is that I drunk something’’

His head snapped to Allen. ‘’you didn’t right? You didn’t make her drink it’’

I looked up at Allen. Now I think about it, I never knew what I drunk back then. It made me curious and wanted to know. Allen’s eyes were on my dad and saw him thinking.

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