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After the kiss with Allen we departed. Allen left me with Jason so that he could get the cure.

‘’hey ladies… I show you around in our dorm.’’ Jason said and leaded us towards the garden. Once outside I could feel the sun on my skin and it felt warm for the time of the year. The smell of the roses was overwhelming. It smelled different on this side that in our side of the dorm. But still the smell was amazingly sweet and warm.

Layla tapped my arm. ‘’this place is amazing, look around you’’.

‘’haha… Funny… I wish I could, but you know I can’t’’  

‘’yes I know but still... this is something you can’t miss’’

I snickered. Jason leaded us towards the dinner room. When he opened the door the smell of food was over flowing. It smelled better than by us it was more rich. He brought us dinner and leaded us towards there room.

‘’this is the places where you will be staying for the next couple of weeks. You room is connected to ours, so if something is wrong just call. You both have a bathroom in your room so we can’t peak. Just make yourself at home’’. He said and walked away.

The room felt light and big but also warm and small. It had the same feeling in our old room. The feeling of Allen next door was weird. It makes me nervous and I was already nervous for tomorrow.

I heard Layla talking on the back ground about Jason, Allen, our room and stuff. But I was to tired. My eyelids started to feel heavy and I fell asleep.

****Allen POV****

‘’Young master, your back’’

‘’ yes Charles, I need to see my father. Do you know where he is?’’

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