Chapter 24

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His teeth sunk in my neck’s skin. I could feel his hot breath, tong and lips against my skin. It made me shiver. This was a pure feeling of pleaser. There was no pain; I could only feel his love and carefulness. This feeling was so intense that I started to moan. My hands slid into his soft and wild hair and stated to pull. It made him also moan. His hands on my back pressed me harder and closer to him.

My body started to burn and I felt dizzy. Allen notes it and pulled away. His eyes were fixed on me and licked his lips. I grabbed his face and pressed his lips against mine. The taste of my own blood filled my mouth but I didn’t bother. I was just feeling ‘’too’’ good. My legs started to give out and I became slump. Allen placed me against a tree.

‘’stay here and don’t move okay?’’

I nodded in response. Body started to feel weird and hot. It was like I was on fire. My vision became blurry and I passed out.

****Allen’s POV****

The taste of her blood was still in my mouth. I have never tasted something like this. I heard stories of other vampires that the blood of your mate is special. It will give you more power and strength. You will be more bounded to each other and I could feel it. I could feel that she was starting to change, but slowly.

‘’hey Allen’’ Ian said to me over his shoulder. ‘’I can use some help here!’’

I looked to Sky’s father in front of me. Sky was right, he was possessed. But how? I could sense that is mind and body are strong, so why was he possessed? It all didn’t make sense. I glared to the others and ask Ian to protect Skyler, while she was out. He nodded and run to the others.

‘’we need to split up. We all need to attack him.’’ I glared at Ace. ‘’and Ace I hope you will help. I know this is hard for you because you’ve been through the same. But I think you can tell us about it, so that me know what we must do’’

Ace looked at me and blinked. ‘’ I will. But I don’t know how to stop him the only thing I remember is that it was gone the other moment. Just like how it came to that night.’’

I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at Sky’s dad. He was focused on Sky. Her mother was still standing there looking shocked and pale. I ordered Layla to help Ian while Ace and Anna will distract him from behind.  Jason and I made it to Sky’s mom. I placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked at me. Her whole body was shivering.

‘’Please stop him!’’ she said. ‘’if he goes on like this, he will die!’’ and she started to cry. I looked at Jason.


His voice was not the one we knew. It was changed in the voice of Alexander. The woman in front of me started to cry harder. My look became focused on him. I will stop him no matter what it takes, he must ‘’not’’ kill Sky. Not on my list.

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