Chapter 20

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so new chapter,, Enjoy,,

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****Skyler’s POV****

What is this feeling? It was warm and comfortable. I opened my eyes and was looking to someone’s chest. My eyes trailed up towards a chin, lips, nose and I stopped at a pair of eyes who were looking at mine. I knew these eyes, they looked familiar.

‘’good morning’’ a voice said who also sounded familiar. ‘’did you sleep well?’’ and my brain started to work. That was right I was at Allen’s place and I was sleeping in his bed. My cheeks started to warm up and I looked away.

‘’Morning’’ I mumbled and he chuckled. ‘’I did and you?’’

‘’good because you were in my arms’’ he said and kissed my forehead.

‘’what time is it?’’ I said.

‘’almost ten am’’ he said and looked at me. ‘’are you hungry?’’

I nodded and he got out of bed. My eyes were glued on his chest. His abs where amazing. He looked so strong, was it because he was a vampire or because he worked out a lot? He walked in his closet and came back out with a shirt on.

‘’stay here, I will fix some breakfast for you.’’ and he walked out of the room.

Not much later someone knocked on the door and I opened it. Jason and Layla were standing there, with a big smile on their faces.

‘’what do you want?’’ I said annoyed because they looked so happy and hyperactive in the morning.

‘’nothing… and did you to do something tonight?’’

‘’no of course not.’’

‘’yes you did’’

‘’shut up, stupid.’’ Allen said with a tray in his hands. ‘’she is telling the truth.’’

‘’Allen, morning’’ they both said and walked away.

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