chapter 7

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‘’ifI remember correctlyit must be heresomewhere.’’ I said to myself and kept my hand on the wall to feel if I could find a door. A few steps later I felt a door and opened it. When I was inside and closed the door behind me, I could hear nothing. It was so peaceful, this was definitely a place for me to relax and enjoy my music.I could feel the heat from the sun though the window. My hands find their way towards it and seat down there. I grabbed my iPod, placed my headphone on and leaned my head against the window.

A song from a Korean boy group, Big Bang, started to play. My thoughts were by what I heard with the lunch.

Why was he looking at me? I’m nothing special; I’m just a girl who is blind and want to try living a normal life. And on top of that I don’t know anything about love, let’s stand boys. I heard stuff from my cousins, but nothing more.

Than that face popped up in my head. I felt my cheeks turning red. Was this what he looks like? Was that his face?

The music was still playing faintly on the background. I felt myself getting tired and decided to take a nap.

****Allen’s POV****

I was walking alone around the school. Jason hat leaved because he has some business out of the school grounds. So I decided to go to the music room. As I walked closer I could hear a faint heartbeat, even thought those rooms are soundproof. There was someone, but whom. Normally nobody comes here. So I opened the door.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was sitting there. I could her heart beating at a peaceful rhythm. It calmed me down. I slowly walked to her and kneeled in front of her. She looked so beautiful in the rays of the sun. Her brown hair holds a light golden glow and her skin was so flawless and perfect.

My hand reached towards her face and lightly touched it. I felt a light shock through my body. It was different than the first time, this was more intense. I wanted to hold her and keep her close to me, because she was the one.

After a few minutes like this, I seat down next to her and looked at her face. My eyes were looked on her and then she started to move. Her leg touched mine and again I felt a shock. But it was not only me who felt it she felt it too. She sat right on the window sill, with her face in my direction. Her hand moved to hear headphone and removed them.

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