chapter 6

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****Skyler’s POV****




When I opened my eyes I was standing somewhere, but I don’t know were. I looked around and spotted someone standing in front of me. He looked familiar, but I don’t know from what. I couldn’t see his face all I could was hearing his voices. It was warm, low, gentle and charming. I have heard that voice some were before.

‘’you are the one’’. The voice said. ‘’you are my one and only’’.

‘’who are you? Do I know you?’’

‘’Soon… you will know me and I will know you’’.

I stared to the person in front of me. He started to walk. Not to me, but he moved backwards. I kept staring his direction, until I couldn’t see him anymore. There I was standing alone in the middle of nowhere.

After a while of looking around I felt a shock through my body.

‘’Skyler… wake up… it’s time for school’’. Someone said. ‘’Sky… Come on… We are going to be late…’’.

And then darkness was around me again.



I woke up and got out of bed.

‘’Sky some cloth… sorry I took them out… but I hate to come late’’ Layla said and throw me my cloth.

‘’sorry… give me ten minutes’’ I said and changed into my cloth. Layla helped me to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair and placed is in two ponytails low on my head, put on some deodorant and some perfume. After ten minutes I was done.

‘’here… I have you bag’’ Layla said and took my hand. ‘’we have no time for breakfast… you are impossible to wake up’’.

‘’sorry… I know. My mom also says that. I’m not a morning person. I will treat you on lunch, okay?’’ I said and hear her laughing.

‘’that’s a deal. You better have enough money with you, because I eat a lot and now for sure.’’ And she started to laugh harder.

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