First Day

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[Your Pov.]

Today was the day! Today was the first day of your new job! When you woke up, you jolted out of bed to wake up Hiro. You shook him so much that he laughed at how much you acted like a little kid. You didn't care and got ready by pulling on a plain white t-shirt with a blue jacket over and putting on a pair of black jeans. You wore something comfortable because you knew you would be sitting at a computer the whole day.

Hiro got changed into almost the same thing and you two had a good laugh at that, too. You two walked to the huge, towering building and the inside was a little chilly. Gen Fukunaga, the founder of Funimation, came up to you two,"Hello, my little progidies! I'm Gen Fukunaga, and are you two ready for your first day?"

"Yup!" you two replied at the same time. You were shaking with excitement. You were in the presence of the founder of FUNimation, a huge anime-producing company.

"Ms. (L/N), you'll be working on the same floor as Mr. Hamada just in case he doesn't know Japanese to talk to other employees," he explained, leading you two to an elevator. He pushed the number 4 and brought us to our places. You worked in a large room with three other people: Tiana Jackson, who was a new employee like you but from America, and Yukio Takahashi. Yukio was surprisingly fine with being the only guy in a room with 24 and 16 year old girls. He kept looking at you, probably questioning how you were there.

You sat at the long table in front of your new screen pen tablet. You opened up Paint Tool Sai. You turned on the lightbox, made multiple frames, and began starting to practice animating. (Idk if you'll understand these art/animation terms.) You drew six sections and drew a circle in each. In each section, the circle did something. One faded, one shook, and moved, one bounced, one blinked, and one grew and shrinked. Tiana watched the sample animation in awe,"Nice animation, (Y/N)! I can see why they chose you for the job."

"Arigato, Tiana-San," you replied. She gave you a confused look. "She said 'thank you'," Yukio translated. You already liked who you were working with.

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