She's So Proud!

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[Hiro's Pov.]

When (Y/N) came out, I couldn't help but think she was so cute being so simple. Most girls aren't like her: different in a way but the same in a way.

"So, are we going to go to SFIT to show Honey?" I asked her, still smiling.

"Yup!" she replied instantly. She grabbed her jacket to cover the obvious bumps on her back from those chemical wings of her's.

She pulled her jacket on and we headed out to the college building.

[Your Pov.]

We entered the lab Honey worked in. She was mixing chemicals with chemicals into formulas and into new things to use for other hemicals for new formulas. You understood it all. You were "pretty good" at chemistry yourself.

"Hey, Honey," you said to your sister, still smiling broadly. She turned to you and Hiro.

"Oh, hey you two. You've been getting along, right?" She greeted. Classic Honey, always worrying about you even though she knows that you can take care of yourself just fine.

"Yeah, yeah. And no, we haven't been going bot fighting. Well, we came here to show you something amazing (Y/N) did!" Hiro said to Honey.

"Oh? What is it?" Honey asked, curiously.

"Um, well, I used the Nixtocide," you told her.

Her eyes widened as she run to you and patted your arms and shoulders,"Are you ok? Any pains anywhere at all? Where are the wings!?"

"No, I'm fine. My wings are on the back, duh."

Honey ripped your jacket off you anf saw the wings on your back through your shirt. She put her hands over her mouth,"Oh my gosh..." She wrapped her arms around your neck into a hug,"I'm so proud of you! You made a science breakthrough, (Y/N)!"

You haven't thought of it that way. The antidote was in your bag still, waiting to be used. There still are some things you needed to adjust, like how you can control the sharpness of the feathers. Honey pushed Hiro out of the room,"Let me see these! Hiro, wait outside, okay?"

He nodded and Honey shut the door closed and pulled the blinds down. She clicked on the lights and took off your shirt, leaving your tang top.

Your wings were a little beneath your shoulder blades and were attached to your back. No skin was outstretched to connect to the wings, the wings bases were inside your back. You stretched your wings out.

"Oh my goodness! They're amazing! They look almost angel-like! Just (F/N)," She said.

You smiled. Honey was really proud of you this time.

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