Just The New kid

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[Your Pov.]

You were in the back seat and was so done with Honey's lectures about science on the drive to the new town. She already knew that you knew all of the science she knew.

"Oh! And there's some of my friends that live there! There's Gogo, shes always looking for speed. She's kinda like an everyday tomboy. There's Wadabi. He is always working on the same project to make it perfect, espically his plasma beams. He's also a neat freak. Don't touch his stuff, he'll probably freak out," she said. these people caught your attention greatly.

"There's Fred, he's the college's mascott. He is kinda normal if being weird but having a mansion is normal," Honey said, giggling at her own joke. You smiled a little.

"And there's Tadashi. He loves making robots to make the world a better place... but he kinda... pasted...," she stated, turning a corner.

Honey quickly recovered from the sudden saddness.

"Oh! Right! And there is one person that I think you will get perfectly along with!" she said excitedly. This is the point when you got scared she would let go of the wheel and hug you.

"Hiro is just your age! He's a progidy just like you and loves robotics and engineering," she said, moving a strand of hair out of her eyes. This "Hiro" sounded... interesting.

Honey stopped at a huge college building,"They're all in there." You eyed the college dreamily with awe in your eyes. Honey chuckled.

"Come on, (Y/N) before I leave you here!" She stepped out of the car, grabbing her lemon yellow bag from the passenger seat.

"Hey!" you called, jumping out and shutting the door. Honey giggled,"That's what you get, slow-poke." We walked into the school and to the lab Honey usually worked at. The whole walk, you were staring at all the sights while everyone in the building were staring at you and wondering why you were there.

Honey opened the door and you stepped in. You had to take it all in before you spoke,"Wow..." Honey smiled,"I knew you would just love it!"

You really did. Honey lead you to what seemed like a bike hung on the wall and standing next to it was a girl with black hair and purple hi-lights. "Hey," she said. "You must be (Y/N). I'm GoGo, a friend of your siser's."

"Yeah..." you replied, but you were interested in the bike more than GoGo.

You took a close look at the wheels. The wheels were hovered about a centimeter from the bolt thats suposed to connect the two. You waved your hand in between the two and felt magnetic sucktion,"Woah... electro mag suspention..." 

"Yup. Zero resistance, faster bike. But, not fast enough," GoGo took one of the wheels off and frisbeed it into a bin full of wheels with the same design. "Yet."

Gogo tilted her head a little and folded her arms,"Wait... that's exactly what Hiro said, right?" Honey nodded her head.

You were confused but interested in the same time.

"Lets go see Wasabi now. He's working on something amazing!" Honey said excitedly, pulling you to another section of the room. She stopped right in front of yellow and black striped tape on the floor. You looked upwards from it and in front of you was a tall man.

He was holding what looked like a very narrow, grey cup with something like clay covered the top.

"Hey Honey," he said. Honey nodded,"(Y/N), this is Wasabi. He's currently turning science fiction into reality!"

"Yup," Wasabi said. He flicked his wrist and a beam of green plasma shot out of the cylinder. He took an apple from his desk and held it in front of him.

He waved the beam and it seemed like nothing happened. "Wait for it..." he said, staring at the apple. You were too. You were curious on what it could do.

The top half of the apple slid off and you quickly caught it. "Nice reflexes," he complimented. You smiled in response. No one really ever complimented you.

"See? Amazing! Right?" Honey exclaimed, motioning to the beam like you haven't seen it before. You nodded.

"Hey, where's Fred?" Honey asked Wasabi.

"Probably outside doing whatever mascotts do," Wasabi said. You held back laughter but smiled.

A voice was behind you,"Hey guys, have you seen my- Wait, who's this?" You spun around right at the last word he said. He was a boy about your age with uncontrolable black hair and dark brown eyes. He wore a red shirt beneath a blue jacket and khaki shorts. Your (E/C) eyes were just looking at him.

"Oh! Hiro! This is (Y/N)! She's coming to stay with you at the Lucky Cat Cafè, remember?" Honey said to Hiro, shaking you by the shoulders a little.

"Huh... I kinda expected your sister to look more like you," Hiro said, tilting his head a little.

[Hiro's Pov.]

"Huh... I kinda expected your sister to looj more like you," I said, tilting my head a little.

(Y/N) shrugged,"I don't really care about looks so I just go for whatever."

Oh... She's one of THOSE girls... I thought to myself.

I examined her...

(H/L) (H/C) hair...

(E/C) eyes...

(F/C) t-shirt with a (F/A) on the front...

(S/F/C) jeans...

Yeah, she looked way different than any girl I've ever seen or talked to.

"So I'm staying at a cafe...?" (Y/N) asked, looking at her older sister behind her.

"Yes, but trust me, Aunt Cass is gonna love you and you have Hiro to do experiments with!" Honey said excited, hugging her. She just pat her back a couple times.

When she let go of you, she looked straight into (Y/N)'s (E/C) eyes,"Just no bot fighting! Remember last time!?"

(Y/N) shrugged with a smile on her face.

Bot fighting? For a girl? Never heard of such thing.

Honey shook her head,"I'll drive you both to the cafè. It'll be easier for me and Aunt Cass."

We both nodded and said,"Okay, H.L."

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