Wait, What?

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[Hiro's Pov.]

Aunt Cass turned to the stairs and put her hand up to the side of her mouth,"Hiro! Come back here and show (Y/N) around! It'll give you two some bonding time!"

But we just fricking met... I thought to myself. Aunt Cass is always trying to get me to meet new friends, espically girls.

I walked down the stairs with my arms folded. Aunt Cass,"And yes, you have to." I grunted, walked behind (Y/N), and started pushing her gently (just incase before she falls) up the stairs,"Come on, lets go."

(Y/N) didn't complain.

She didn't talk.

She just walked along.

When we reached my room, I pointed to Tadashi's old room and spoke plainly,"Pull back the divider and that's where you're sleeping." She "bowed" a little and pulled back the divider. She looked at the cap on the bed and looked at me.

"Does someone already sleep here?" she said to me.

"Used to. He isn't here anymore," I replied. Her face turned sad with a frown.

"Oh, I-I'm so sorry... You know, you didn't have to answer... If you didn't want to..." she said to me. "I can go sleep on the couch or something. I would hate to-"

"No! No no, uh, it's fine, really... I don't mind," I interupted. I know it was rude of me to do that, but I feel like the girl girl shouldn't be sad and guilty on her first day in a whole new city.

"If you say so..." she looked at me with a assuring smile. "But whenever you want, I can always move. I really don't-"

I pushed her into Tadashi's room,"Just go! I already told you! It doesn't matter!" I didn't want us to have an arguement of kindness or something. Happens too much with me and Honey or Wasabi.

"Okay..." she said, putting her (F/C) bag on the floor next to the bed. She picked up the hat carefully, like it was made of porcilen, and put it on rhe top shelf. She turned it a little to make it looking straight.

I was a little surprised that she was so caring about others' things...

It's so... nice of her. When we first met, she didn't even bother talking to me, but now she's respecting Tadashi's stuff even thought she never knew him... Hm...

Aunt Cass came up the stairs and into the room,"Okay, you too have two choices: go outside and walk around for a little, or stay in here and be the progidies that you two are."

"Wait, what?"

She's a progidy!?

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