Over The Years

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[Your Pov.]

"Oh my gosh, remember this one?"

"Duh, why would I forget?"

"Maybe 'cause you're a numbskull."

"Hey! Says the one who took this picture! Why did you!?"

"Shut up!"

You pushed Hiro and he fell over dramaticly onto your bed.

"Ah! I'm injured!" he said to you, putting his hand to his forehead. You rolled your eyes.

You pulled up Hiroand kissed him in the process. You two still turned as red as tomatos whenever you kissed.

You and him have been together for about two years already and you made every minute together count. You managed to go to SFIT with a full scholarship because you got a letter saying you were qualified to be in the same year as Hiro. Your graduations were about a week from now. You two being 16 was unbelievable.

You pulled back and ruffled his messy hair. You scanned his face. He looked a lot like Todashi, but with the uncontrollable hair.

You two continued to scroll through the photos in your phone...


Sorry for the short chapter! The next one will come shortly after this one and will be longer! I can write pretty fast :3

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