He Fixed It?...

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[Your Pov.]

Everyone was crowding around you at SFIT in the lab saying "Happy Birthday!"

You got some gifts too. Wasabi made you a mini laser that can actually cut through things ("Don't go cutting things for no reason!"), Gogo gave you a pair of rollar skates ("Honey told me that you used to skate before you got into body modifications."), Fred gave you a mask of some monster from a comic book series, and Honey gave you a teddy bear with a jacket and shirt just like Hiro's.

"I thought you'd like it sense you like Hiro," Honey said, nudging you as you stared at the bear.

You replied instantly with your cheeks a pink tint,"I don't. We're just friends." You put the bear in your bag that you brought along just incase.

"Whatever... Now, (Y/N), show us what you can do with your wings!" Honey said, nudging you again.

You rolled your eyes,"Fine." You took off your jacket and shirt, leaving only a (S/F/C) tang top on and unfolding your wings. Everyone "Ooh"ed and "Ahh"ed at the sight of them. You took a feather from your wing on your right and threw it like a dart past Wasabi's head and it looped around and came back, attaching itself back. Wasabi looked like he was going to faint.

Hiro walked into the lab,"Hey guys. Sorry I'm late." He looked at you and his cheeks turned pink and so did yours.

"Hey Hiro. I was just showing the guys my wings 'cause Honey said so," you replied, rolling your eyes.

You took a swirvle chair from a desk, sat in it, and pushed yourself so that you were darting across the room. As you moved, feathers from both wings shot at the wall you pushed off and stuck to the wall in a huge heart.

You looked at Hiro and he looked amazed. Well, you would be too. A kid with wings that can shoot sharp feathers that can cut through almost anything. Sounds unbelievable but believable when you hear the chemicals and such. Science, man.

Everyone looked at you, cheering. You foled your wings.

"Awww... Come on (Y/N)! One more trick!" Fred said, frowning.

You rolled your eyes,"Fiiine..."

You stretched your wings out and took a deep breath. You looked at Hiro.

[Hiro's Pov.]

Oh god, she'd looking at me with those things... I thought to myself. What do I do???

Everyone looked at me.

(Y/N) shot feathers at me like darts at a target. A lot of feathers. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes. Nothing hit me. I opened my eues to find that she put a cage around me of her feathers. She walked up to the cage and put her hand around one of the bars. She isn't getting cut? She must've mixed that problem.

"Hey, Hiro, look who's the crazy good scientist now," she said to me. Yeah right.

"Hey, I'm the one who's in college."

"Nerd. They'll just give you work that you already know."

"True, but once I finish, I can get a job early and make more money than I did with bot fighting."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." The feathers dropped all around me.

She stretched out her wings some more and they connected back to where they came from. Her wings were like a wall in front of me.

She turned her head only to the others (sense she had to back turned to them) and they were all taking pictures.

"Come on, just kiss like the couple you two are!" Honey shouted.

Our faces blew up.

(Y/N) quickly folded her wings, pulled on her shirt and jacket, and walked out of SFIT, back to the cafè.

"Ooohhh... Honey got her maaaad..." Fred said like a little kid. I still can't believe that this guy is a young adult.

I rolled my eyes and walked out after her.

[Your Pov.]

You walked back to the cafè. You were too embarrassed to even say goodbye.

You went into your room and saw the bag on the table where tour music box used to be. You walked to he bag and took out your music box from inside and a note. You read the note.

Dear (Y/N),

I saw how upset you were about your music box so I fixed it up for you. Well, see you later.

Your Friend,


Maybe you liked him a little bit...

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