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[Your Pov.]

You sat at a park table. The city was beautiful, but the park was even prettier.

It was a simple park that was crawling with animals from squirels to dogs to even a couple of deer. You wondered about the deer but didn't think of it too much.

You took out glass vials of different liquids, a notebook, a pen, and a vial stand from your bag and put it on the table.

You put all your glass vials on the stand and wrote the first chemical's name in the motebook.

"Nixtocide" you wrote in swirly cursive.

With so much testing of this vial, it should be safe to inject into the human body. Poor lab rats... Only the lastest ones survived and came out with the results.

You took a syrenge from you bag along with a water bottle and a bottle of pain medication.

"Today is the day..." You said to yourself. "The day science fiction becomes reality..."

You put 25 millileters of the nixtocide in the syrenge and injected it into your arm through your wrist. Tears of pain rolled down your cheeks but tou didn't scream. Not even a yelp. You were tougher than most girls and can take a little pain.

You injected all 25 millileters in you and pulled out the syrenge. You sighed of relief and put a small band-aid on the wrist you pricked.

Results will show tomorrow in the morning.

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