The Moon

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[3rd Person Pov.]

(Y/N) was excited the whole day, including the last classes that were full of chatty students, crying best friends, and congradulating teachers.

Everyhing went by so fast to her and Hiro. Hiro thought for a minute while he watched his partner talk to other classmates.

She isn't just the new girl anymore... he thought to himself.

(Y/N)'s friends glanced at Hiro behind her and he brought his finger to his lips.

They continued to chat with (Y/N) as he snuck up behind her. He then wrapped his arms around her neck.

"Hey!" she yelped.

"Hey, there, Snowflake," he said to her, rubbing her head.

(Y/N)'s friends giggled to each other, watching the show that was right in front of them. She lifted Hiro's arms of him and folded her arms,"Stop calling me that!"

"What else am I supposed to call you? Music Box?"

"Ya know what, nevermind, you can call me that..."

The girl's friends burst out laughing and she punched her female friend on the arm that Hiro reconized to be Mia.

"Mia, stop! It isn't funny!"

"Oh my gosh... Wh-When it's between t-two p-people like you t-two... it is!" Mia replied between small laughs.

(Y/N)'s cheeks heated up from embarrassment and Hiro took her hand,"Hurry up, we gotta get to the autitorium. Ceremony, remember?"

"What abo-"

"They'll realize."

The two walked to the large room, hand in hand. Everyone who looked smiled and they didn't mind. They were both awkward even though they've been dating for two years already.

They went their separate ways to go put on the robes that (Y/N) managed to fix up to they'd fit ("Hey, I'm more than just a pretty face!" she told everyone as she sewed).

~Time Skip to After the Ceremony~

[Your Pov.]

Honey and Aunt Cass didn't stop hugging you two after the ceremony. Aunt Cass offered free dinner at the cafè and of course everyone accepted it. You didn't feel like it though so said,"No thanks, Aunt C.. I... I have plans for tonight."

That night when everyone was at the cafè eating, you kept at your window. You got a perfect view of the moon and always loved to just gaze at it...

"You love the moon, don't ya," said Hiro behind you, leaning on the divider.

You turned to him. Even though he was in a dark corner, you saw his light colored shorts and blue jacket.

"Yeah... My mom and dad used to tell me that we all look at the same Moon, so that means when we look at it, we're looking at everyone deseaced watching after us..." you replied, turning back to the window, youre arms crossed and rested on the sill. You reached out your hand to the moon so your hand looked like it was right in the middle.

"It's like I can almost feel that my parents are here when I look at it..."

You felt Hiro's arms around you and he held you gently. You could almost feel his heart beat on your back.

"Don't talk like that... Tears don't match you," he said.


You felt your cheeks and felt a wet stream of tears running down your cheeks. You wiped them off your face with the back of your hand.

"Come on, lets go walk around or something. It'll get your mind off it," he said, letting go of you and taking your hand. You turned to him with a small smile and nodded. You weren't just the new girl anymore...

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