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[3rd Person Pov.]

(Y/N) was never a "normal" girl. She almost never cared about looks or how fit she was (even though she was a little thin). All she really thought about was her grades.

At the age of 11 in 6th grade, she was inspired by so many people to skip grades and such, so she did. She studied every subject ahead of her class(es) and never stopped to hear her teachers' intructions because she already knew what to do.

When she finished highschool when she was 13, her parents expected her to go to college, but she refused and found a passion for something... illegal.

(Y/N)'s parents went only to a nearby town to visit her aunt(not Aunt Cass) when she was 13, they are hit by another car thats been driven by a drunk driver. They didnt survive.

This devistated (Y/N) to the point she started hearing a voice. A voice that she found conforting and friendly. It would help her make decisions. Her sister eventually gets her help and the voice goes away.

(Y/N) didn't tell her older sister, who she thinks has a ridiculous nickname, Honey Lemon, about their parents.

When Honey, finally gets a call from (Y/N) telling her about their parents, she forces (Y/N) to come her San Franstokyo to live with a friend of hers.


I feel so accomplished. I don't really know why.

Excuse any grammar or spelling error I made, this is my first book and I don't have much experience unless it's from school...

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