Just Studying...

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[Your Pov.]

You scribbled calculations and notes in your nixtocide notebook. It all made sense when it didn't for others for some reason.

1 ml = quater of development
4 ml = half of development


8 ml = full development


Sharpness control, 2 ml = full control of sharpness
Movement control, 4 ml = full control of the movement

You tapped your pencil on your chin.

If I gave Hiro multiple shots for one result then that'll be pretty bad... Just for some pair of wings I made years ago... You thought to yourself.

You perfected nixtocide just recently and it was perfect for use. You tested it onto things such as rats and mice. They never bothered you like other girls would be.

You continued writing...

8 ml + 2 ml + 4 ml = 14 ml/about half of needle


You closed the notebook and put it under her bed. He didn't need to know yet.

What you were doing with all this was you were going to give Hiro the most advanced version of the wings you made so far. From your studies, it was shown that everytime a subject used the wings, it would have an extra ability. It was different everytime.

One had speed, another had better hand-eye cordination, and the last had the ability to just duck behind something and come out somewhere else. Boy did that last one take a long time to catch.

"What cha doin'?" Hiro asked from the divider. You jumped from the sudden voice sense the room was quiet for quite some time. You turned to him and smiled.

"Uh, nothing. Just studying, I guess."

"Come on, we finished school already! No more studying, you nerd."

"I'll be the nerd, you'll be the geek."


You got up and you and Hiro left the cafè for a while just to walk around.

Let's hope he doesn't find out...

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