For My Snowflake

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[Your Pov.]

A couple weeks past and you looked at the picture on your wall of you with everyone in it. Everyone looked different in a way.

Honey had shorter hair and grew a little taller...

Gogo's hair grew and she stopped wearing so many dark colors...

Baymax... Well, Baymax is adorable as always.

Wasabi looks almost completely the same, but he changed his clothes choices...

Fred still looks goofy, but he looks a little older now...

And Hiro... Hiro was the same to you. It didn't matter what year, it felt the same.

He still had his uncontrollable black hair, brown eyes, blue jacket, red shirt, and the same khaki shorts. He just grew taller and looks a little like Tadashi. Well, that's what Aunt Cass said.

You looked at an old picture of you and Hiro when you two were still 14. You were 16 now and looked pretty much the same.

Your wings were taken off chemically and you were glad they were. They were bothering you a lot fue to the fact you had to wash them almost constantly and they kept tearing your clothes.

Everything was the same.

"Hey, Snowflake," Hiro said, walking in. You jumped a little and looked at him with a smile.

"Hi, Hiro."

"Well... I got a little something for you."

He took out a cubular white box. You thought for a moment what it was... You two weren't legally ready to get married so it couldn't be a ring... You didn't get your ears pierced because you were scared... It was too small to hold anything like clothes.

You took the box and held it in your hands for a moment. You lifted off the lid to see a small music box. It wasn't like yours. It had a white snowflake on the top standing upward and your name carved and painted on top.

"Do you like it?..."

You kept turning it around looking at it,"I... I love it!"

You threw your arms around Hiro, almost knocking him over.

"Heh... Hey, its for you, Snowflake."

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