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[Hiro's Pov.]

I came up to my dark room and saw (Y/N) sitting on the edge of her bed holding her music box, gazing at it.

I smiled and sir next to her,"Happy I fixed it?"

She didn't even talk. Not a whisper.

"Are yo-"

She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. She mannaged so talk,"Thank you..."

"Heh... No problem, (N/N)."

We both stayed quiet until she looked up at me straight in the eyes, loosening her arms a little.

Her (E/C) eyes shone as the moonlight from outside shone on them. Her face was red and Im sure that mine was too. She leaned in, closing her eyes slowly.

Right before we kissed, the lights were turned on and Aunt Cass was at the stairs,"Kids! There's food in the fridge and on the counter if you're hungry, okay?"

Dammit! Come on, Aunt Cass! We were this close!

"Uh, okay, Aunt Cass!" I called back. (Y/N) opened her eyes and let go of me and receded her face from mine.

(Y/N) got up to go take a shower in the bathroom and I went to my desk. I picked up my bot and it slipped out of my hand and hit my foot,"Ow!"

Baymax inflated and came up to me,"Are you ok? Your heart rate is faster than usual. Did something happen between you and (Y/N)?"

"Yes. I mean no! Maybe, okay!"

"I heard yes first, Hiro."

"Your ears must be broken then!

"I do not have ears."


I hit my head on my desk. Why does this keep happening...?

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