Soft and Fragile

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[Your Pov.]

You and Hiro decided to try an train him with his brand new pair of wings in the garage. Aunt Cass didn't know yet, so you two had to make sure not to break anything.

He had on a white tang-top instead of his red T-shirt and stretched his wings.

"They're kinda stiff

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"They're kinda stiff..." he said to you a you examined them and took notes, rubbing the back of his neck.

"The look fully developed... That's just because you haven't learned how to use them," you assured him, waving you hand that had your pen in it and continued writing on a piece of paper clipped onto a clipboard.

Everythi you asked him to do was perfect. He managed to do them all. When you touched his wings, they seemed to be soft all the time.

You compared the wings' features to Hiro...

They were like angel wings, probably mean I that he's a pure person...

They were able to bend and flex more than your old ones, meaning that he's flexible and can work with any schedule...

And they were always soft, meaning he is a kind and sweet person.

Your old ones were... Different...

They were (F/C) fading into red an black towards your back, probably mean I that you have your own demons...

They were almost always sharp, meaning that you always had your gaurd up.

And they would listen to you even before you trained them, meaning that you push yourself a lot.


He was able to shoot a can but not puncture it or anything. The feather would grow back in seconds and the feather he shot would stay soft and fragile.

Soft and fragile...

<Hey, guys. So there's good news and there's bad news.

The good news is that instead of US! Papyrus x Reader being next, I'm doing Sock (From the short animated film Welcome to Hell, and no it's not as bad at it sounds) x reader.

The bad news is that in about a month or so, I'll be taking the exams that will basically give me a good reputation as the smart kid and I really want to get that, so everything will be slowly updated.

That's it for now and wish me luck!

Bye all my self-shipping sinners!~>

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