Music Box Hits The City

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[Your Pov.]

You woke up and sat up. You didn't bother stretching. You picked up your music box resting on the desk next to the bed and hugged it carefully. You put it back down on the table and opened the divider. Hiro was already awake, putting on his blue jacket.

"Hey, Music Box," Hiro said, turning to you with a smile.

You rolled your eyes,"Can't really fall asleep without it. It's a gift my mom gave me when I was little."

You smiled, remembering Mom, but Hiro frowned. You noticed this and spoke quickly,"I dont really look back to it but yeah, she gave it to me and I just can't sleep without it. Honey used to get so annoyed about the music from it. She thought I was a complete nerd with a Vocaloid song music box."

Hiro chuckled,"It's a nice song. Very peaceful and I fell asleep right away to the song."

You smiled. You haven't met anyone with the same music interests. Vocaloid is different to normal music to you. It has more meaning to you.

You went to get your clothes and changed in the bathroom. You were planning to explore the city some more and work on something in the park if there's one.

You wore a plain (F/C) t-shirt with a blue denum jacket and black leggings. You wanted to keep comfortable whole you worked.

You got your bag, careful not to yank it up. The glass containers might break inside it.

Hiro aas as the divider as you got your things together,"Going somewhere on the weekends? Who are you?"

You laughed softly to yourself and looked at him with a smile,"(Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), progidy of (O/C)."

[Hiro's Pov.]

(Y/N) laughed softly and looked at me smiling,"(Y/N) (Y/M/L) (Y/L/N), progidy of (O/C)."

I rolled my eyes and spoke, trying not to sound too protective,"Well, just be safe out there, okay?"

She nodded and hanged her bag on her shoulder. I heard glass moving inside of it. She sprinted out the room door and then the fronr door of the cafè.

Hope she's safe out there... who knows what can happen to her... I thought to myself. I nodd my head. Why am I caring about a girl I just met literally yesterday? Well, Music Box just hit the city...

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