For Him

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[Hiro's Pov.]

I sat on my bed after closing the divider. What was she doing?

Studying? Why studying? We finished school like months ago.

Mochi walked up the stairs and waddled to the divider and started scratching it. She always did like Snowflake. I never really knew why but I thought it was kinda cute whenever she did something most girls would like even though she's mostly the opposite.

"Yes! Finally!" I heard Snowflake exclaim behind the divider.


[Your Pov.]

You finally did you! You made the serum completely fool-proof and perfect!

You opened the divider and poked your head out,"Hiro!~ I have a surprise for you!~"

He titled his head and rose an eyebrow,"Oh really? What is it?"

He sat up and walked over to your side of the room. You went to your desk and picked up the needle and syringe. You turned to face him and stuck the needle onto the syringe. You taped the the clear plastic and looked at him with a smile,"It's ready!

"Huh? What is this 'it' you're talking about?" he asked, his eyes focused on the needle.

"The nixtocide! I finished it to perfection with the exact measurements and mixtures! It has the sharpness control, movement control, everything!"

The proudness in your voice was showing so much Hiro smiled.

"And!~ It's for you!"

[Hiro's Pov.]

"What!? Seriously!?" I exclaimed, my eyes widening. I didnt know if I should be happy or freaked out.

"Yes! And it'll match all you perfectly!"

~Time Skip~

Its been about three hours since Snowflake injected the chemical into my arm. She said depending on how old you are makes the time they develop. She said it'll take about one and I half days and when they're really, they'll just grow fully, so I had to stay home the whole day tomorrow before I get tested on or something. She didn't what that at all.

I hugged her again,"Thanks again, Snowflake."

She hugged me back,"No problem, Robot."

Since when did I have a nickname?

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