Tomorrow Is The Big Day

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[Hiro's Pov.]

Okay... Mental note to self... I'm taking (Y/N) to the park on Friday at 1:00 p.m... And it's Thursday.

(Y/N) decided to stay with Honey for a couple nights this week, so I had time to plan.

Wasabi and Gogo tried to "help" me with getting ready because its Thursaday, but all they did was drag mr to the mall for like two three hours and only get me a black jacket. (Photo at the top.)

I wonder what (Y/N)'s going to wear... Dammit, Hiro, think straight for once!

I thought for a little and thought I could just act like it's a normal time with a friend sort of thing. It'll get rid of my awkwardness. (Life hacks with Yukio.)

I took a deep breath and looked at my alarm clock on my desk. 9:47 p.m....

I better get some sleep... Tomorrow's the big day...

I layed down on my bed and stared at the cieling of my room until I fell asleep...

~Meanwhile, at Honey's~

[Your Pov.]

You were basically being chased by your older sister. You jumped over anything in your way and knocked over a couple things like a table and a lamp.

"Honey, stop!"

"Not until you tell me who!"

You stopped abruptly and Honey stopped too, nearly running right past you.

"Fine! Fine! It's Hiro okay! I'm hanging out with Hiro tomorrow! Geez!"

Honey's eyes widened and she hugged you, lifting you off the ground,"I knew you two would get along but I didnt know that it would be like this!"

You rolled your eyes. You looked outside the window at the snow. It was fluttering down but only two snowflakes caught your attention. They were always staying near each other, kinda of like how you and Honey was. Honey always wanted to be the best big sister and is.

You smiled and looked at your sister. She put you doen and clasped her hands together,"If you need any clothes, I have a couple old jackets and such in my closet!"

You rolled your eyes,"I have my own clothes, H.L."

You walked to the room you were staying at and flopped onto the bed and sighed.

Tomorrow was the day...

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